Smart Cooks

You got served!
The African society generally frowns upon women that do not cook for their loved ones at home due to the growing pressures of juggling a professional career and managing the home front. This is often a cause of vehement concern amongst women, who cannot cook, and their family and friends who fear that their husbands could be ‘snatched’ by other kitchen-savvy females.

A list of ingredients never made a good chef, neither does having a detailed instruction booklet on how to put and mix these ingredients into mouth-watering dishes. However, practice and considerable culinary interest makes for an outstanding chef (wife) eventually.

Technology for the Kitchen!
Armed with little to no knowledge of the workings of a kitchen or of how to properly mix and alter food to appeal to both senses of taste and sight can be learned on the go and perfected with practice. Thanks to apps and the emergence of food bloggers in Nigeria.

These food content rich apps and sites are reservoirs of knowledge for a myriad of local and sometimes continental dishes.

These food content rich apps and sites are reservoirs of knowledge for a myriad of local and sometimes continental dishes.

My Belle Don Full

My Belle Don Full is a Nigerian food blog that documents the richness of our culture through food using photography and video blogs.
This blog is as delightful to the eyes as the images whet the appetite. Nigerian food documented on this site is carried out by a “repatriated diva rediscovering Naija cuisine” and helping tutor the many who love to cook but who have limited knowledge and those who do not know how in the process.

My Belle Don Full is an avenue to savour Nigerian culinary delights because, “preparing Nigerian cuisine is an exciting adventure in texture, colour, flavour and aroma.”

African Food Recipes

Local African food is difficult to obtain outside of Africa, and where it can be obtained, could be pretty expensive. With a wide collection of African recipes and suitable alternatives to recipes, which are not available in the West, African Food Recipes presents the simplest and easiest way for Africans in diaspora to enjoy.

Nigeria Food Prep

Nigeria food prep houses an arsenal of nutritional information on Nigerian food ingredients and how to source them. With recipes from Contemporary Nigerian Cuisine Cookbook, exotic and delicious Nigerian meals are now well within reach and guaranteed to excite your taste buds.
With detailed and well thought out directions, accompanied by exciting and expressive images, Nigeria food prep takes you effortlessly through each recipe with well detailed directions and preparation times.