We proffer insights into mobile youth culture, social audience networks and pop culture trends - music, fashion, tech, games, sports and gadgets. We also scout and curate real-time intelligence by leveraging the influence and reach of our collaborative community of trendhunters, the TINKSpotters network. 

This network comprise Africans from various walks of life, backgrounds, interests and inclinations. They include teenagers, financial investors, advertising executives, moms, talkshow hosts, celebrity DJs, market women, students, bloggers, teachers, ballet dancers, taxi-cab drivers, pharmacists, entrepreneurs, planners, media personalities, club owners, fashionistas and skateboarders. 

In partnership with local and multinational brands, TINKSpotters has hosted several Youth Marketing Workshops and prepared trend reports for marketers interested in understanding the Nigerian millennial mindset and predictive behaviours across sectors, including telecoms, insurance, automotive, tobacco, alcoholic drinks and mobile payment services.

Clients include:

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