You should have stayed young

HERE ARE A FEW HONEST, STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART ADVICE ON HOW NOT TO INCUR YOUR AFRICAN MOTHER'S WRATH AFTER SCHOOL BY BEING JOBLESS.                                                        So after school, then what? You were counting down so you can finally be done with exams and annoying lecturers, but it's not rosy out here, I am hoping you were warned, anyways here is something I thought you'd need to read.

=> Put your life in perspective:

If you have not already been doing that; take out time and engage yourself in Q&A's ; do you want to continue in the line of your degree? Do you want to dive into the creative industry? Looking to be an entrepreneur? I would also honestly say you should not let anyone especially your family influence your choices, you get to be at your office from 9-5 (if that's the case) while they stay and home and expect monthly allowance. Brood properly!

=> Get any job in your dream field:


I am not saying settle or go from unemployed to underemployed; Look at it this way, you need to get to a big mansion and you know maybe even build a mansion close to it as well, but you have to get through the gate and step feet in the compound first; so take that job, do not stop working hard, make relevant contacts and growth is inevitable.

=> Refresh your CV/Resume:

At the point of finishing school, all your cv is likely to contain is schools attended; so time to build up, also except you have valid reasons for your next employer, avoid changing jobs too often it will affect your CV. So get professional help if need be to update and rewrite your Cv and do not forget to update it from time to time, can also include side valid projects.

=> Build an online presence: 

Whether you choose to roll your eyes or not, Online presence is almost as important as what you have to offer; most employers these days must have spent time studying your Instagram, Facebook or twitter (I got all my three jobs because of my Instagram). So rather than spend time replying dms, create quality content and build an online presence; you can do that by being known for something credible, your arts and or crafts.

=> Get a side hustle:

Unless you are okay with waiting till the end of the month to buy that awesome shoe, I mean the point of working is to live and enjoy life! So find something that would not distract and make you take valuable time off your regular 9-5.

=> Keep learning:


I mean because you think you have landed your dream job does not mean you can dream bigger than this one, so research for courses that can increase your productivity at this current job and create pathways to the next one; it can be online so you can do it right from the comfort of your office with free WiFi.