Why You Must See "Get Out" In 7 Tweets


Get Out is a 2017 American comedy horror film[3][4][5] written, co-produced and directed by Jordan Peele in his directorial debut and co-produced by Jason Blum, Edward H. Hamm Jr. and Sean McKittrick. The film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Catherine Keener, Allison Williams, LaKeith Stanfield, Bradley Whitford and Stephen Root, and follows a young interracial couple who visit the mysterious estate of the woman's parents.

The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2017, and was released in the United States on February 24 by Universal Pictures.[6] The film received praise for its atmosphere, writing, directing and cast and has grossed $42 million worldwide, against its $4.5 million budget.

If you are in Nigeria and you are legit tired of your friends overseas telling you about the movie, read about the movie below, you're welcome!: Brooklyn-based photographer Chris Washington and his girlfriend Rose Armitage prepare for a trip to meet her parents, Dean and Missy Armitage. Chris is concerned because Rose hasn't told them that he is African American, but Rose assures him everything will be fine and they leave. While driving, Rose hits a deer and Chris inspects as it dies on the side of the road. Rose calls the police to file an incident report, and upon arrival, the officer requests to see Chris' driver's license. Before he can comply, Rose insists firmly that since she was the one driving, and that he doesn't have to. The officer eventually accepts this but warns them to repair the broken mirror and headlight.

As Chris and Rose arrive at the Armitage estate, they pass the African American groundskeeper, Walter. Rose's parents welcome Chris, Dean gives him a tour of the house, whereupon he meets their maid Georgina, who is also African American. The family and Chris chat together outside; Chris mentions that his mother died in a hit-and-run incident when he was eleven years old. They also discuss Chris’ smoking habit, and Missy, a psychiatrist, offers to help him quit through hypnosis, but Chris declines the offer. Rose's brother Jeremy then arrives and the entire family has dinner with Chris, who becomes increasingly uncomfortable with racially-based assumptions Jeremy makes about him.

That night, Chris goes out into the backyard to smoke, observing strange behavior from Walter and Georgina. When he enters the house, Missy brings up Chris' smoking habit and invites him to sit down, again offering hypnosis before asking him about his mother's death. Chris reveals his guilt for not calling 911 as soon as he noticed that his mother never came home, and that he instead watched television. He finds himself paralyzed and continuously talking about his mother, realizing he is being hypnotized. Missy commands him to 'sink into the floor', in which he falls into a void mentally while looking at Missy from afar through a large screen, who tells him he is in "the sunken place". Chris instantly wakes up and believes that the encounter was a nightmare. He introduces himself to Walter, who speaks and behaves bizarrely, after which he realizes that Missy's hypnosis was real and that he has been hypnotized to quit smoking.

Guests later arrive for the Armitages' annual get-together, where various older white couples take an interest in Chris. Chris also meets his role model, blind art dealer Jim Hudson and a black guest, Logan King. Chris is unsettled by Logan's significantly older white wife, unusual clothing and his also bizarre speech and demeanor. He goes to Rose's room to call his best friend, TSA Officer Rodney "Rod" Williams, discussing Missy's hypnosis and how uncomfortable he feels; Rod comically theorizes that she is hypnotizing blacks to be sex slaves. Later on, Chris tries to stealthily take a picture of Logan but his phone flashes, causing Logan to freeze, suffer a nosebleed and yell at him several times to "Get out!". Dean claims that the flash caused Logan to have a seizure. Logan reappears after seeing Missy, back to his 'calm' self, apologizes to Chris, and thanks Missy for 'helping' him.

While Chris and Rose walk later, he tells her how uncomfortable the people have been making him feel, and Rose sympathetically agrees for them to leave that night. Meanwhile, Dean holds a bingo auction, of which the bidding appears to be for Chris, and Jim wins. Returning back to the house to pack, Chris sends the picture of Logan to Rod, identified as Andre Hayworth, an acquaintance of Chris and Rod's from Brooklyn. Concerned, Chris tells Rose that they need to leave immediately. While Rose gets her bag, he finds a box in Rose's closet containing photographs featuring her with a series of black people, including Walter and Georgina. As he and Rose go downstairs, they are blocked by Jeremy, Dean, and Missy; Rose then reveals she is an accomplice. Chris attempts to escape but is incapacitated by Missy's hypnosis.

Rod suspects something has happened to Chris when he doesn't answer calls and fails to return home. Searching for 'Andre Hayworth' online, he learns that he went missing six months ago. Fearing that Chris' situation parallels Andre's, his attempt to get help from the police is humiliatingly unsuccessful. Rod tries Chris' phone again and Rose answers, confirming Rod's suspicions about Chris.

Chris wakes up in the house's basement, fastened to a leather chair. Through a television, he learns that the Armitages have perfected a method of pseudo-immortality in which Dean, a neurosurgeon, transplants the consciousness of his older white friends and family into younger black men and women who have been conditioned by Missy. Chris will be used as a host for Jim, who wishes to regain sight, and will be doomed to exist in "the sunken place" as Jim controls his body. Dean begins the procedure, sending Jeremy to collect Chris from "pre-op". As Jeremy prepares to wheel Chris to the operating room, Chris, who plugged his ears with the chair stuffing and was faking unconsciousness, knocks Jeremy out and escapes.

After killing Dean, Missy, and Jeremy, Chris starts driving away in Jeremy's car while dialing 911, but hits Georgina. The prospect of leaving Georgina to die on the side of the road triggers Chris' guilt for his mother's death, so he drags Georgina, whom Rose refers to as "grandma", into the car with him. Awakening, she makes Chris lose control and crash into a tree, killing her. Rose, armed with a rifle, and Walter, whom Rose refers to as "grandpa", catch up with Chris. Walter tackles Chris, who takes a photo of Walter with the flash on. Free from hypnosis, Walter asks Rose to hand him her rifle, but Walter instead shoots Rose and commits suicide while Chris strangles Rose. A police car pulls up and Rose cries for help, hoping that Chris will be seen as the attacker, but the car is driven by Rod, who resourcefully located Chris. The two drive away as Rose bleeds out and dies.

This movie came out at the nick of time, when racism is at it's strongest levels, with trump as the new president with rules that segregate the blacks, a white couple recently adopting two black girls, only to kill them saying they were directed by God and a lot more issues of wide concern; this movie is to teach if you don;t already know, heighten your awareness if you are already aware and in general make you woke, the struggle is still on for the black folks. In support of this movement, ChanceThaRapper and The Game bought out theater rooms form  fans to go and see the movie; and according to Colorlines, here is why you should see the movie in seven tweets:

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