Who Is King? The Battle Between Instagram and Snapchat


A new info-graphic below from One Productions offers a side-by-side comparison of the two platforms, highlighting that while Snapchat may have captured the loyal millennial demographic, but Instagram still has a larger user base. It also points out that Snapchat continues to grow, while Instagram  have plateaused.

Source:  Contently.com

If you had to choose, between Snapchat and Instagram, which would it be? Truth is when Snapchat first launched, I didn’t even see its need, I had not totally settled in on Instagram, so it made no sense adding Snapchat to the list of my worries. Fast forward to August 2016, Instagram added the only distinguishing feature between itself and Snapchat on their platform, I felt like I had hit a jackpot. ALthough I later signed up on Snapchat because of the fun filters which i eventually uninstalled), Instagram still has a spot in my heart

Source: Socialmediatoday.com

Source: Socialmediatoday.com

There has been an ongoing conversation and war if you like about who is king and who will finally take down the other. You know, formerly you could distinguish between Snapchat and Instagram by merely saying, Snapchat does videos and Instagram for pictures; but today Instagram has the new rights of being the sole owner of both pictures and videos; was it an intended shade as Snapchat refused to hand over rights to Instagram?

New Features to Instagram      

Instagram Ads: This feature is the biggest addition to the platform. Instagram Ads are available for businesses through Facebook’s Ads Manager, and comes as additional feature of the highly effective Facebook Ads. Objectives include increasing views and engagement.

Instagram Analytics: While Instagram does not provide an analytics tool, there are varieties of third-party services that do. 

Instagram Shop fronts: Prior to the new sellable Instagram Ads objectives, the only way businesses could drive traffic to their site from Instagram was through the link provided by the user in their profile's bio. Instagram selling tools like Have2Have. IT capitalized on this, finding ways to make selling on Instagram possible.

An algorithm is coming: Instagram has announced they’re going to introduce an algorithm that will prioritize the content in your news feed, giving each user more from the users/brands/content most relevant to them. 

Support for multiple accounts: Instagram has officially rolled out the ability for one user to log into multiple accounts, especially for those with both business and professional accounts.

Landscape and portrait modes: Well you can now take and upload pictures in landscape and portrait modes, which allows for unique feeds.

 New Features to Snapchat

Updated Platform: While this is for users, having more creativity options on the platform is never a bad thing. Snapchat recently launched Snapchat 2.0, which offers a slew of new user features, including stickers in chat, new filters and lenses, replays, and more.

Choose view length: You can choose to go beyond the ten seconds video slot.

Video and audio chats: Similar to Facebook’s video calling in their private message system, you can have video or audio chats with other users in Snapchat’s private messaging. If the other user you want to talk to isn’t available, you can leave them brief video or audio recorded messages through the private chat messaging.

Auto-advance stories: When a user is done watching a story of viewing a Snap from a certain user, they will be shown any Snaps or Stories that came after it that are still available to watch. 

Geofilters: Allows users to share where they are, without sharing their explicit geographical location. 

Snapchat Ads: Snapchat now has an ads program, where the ad units are called 3V ads. 3V ads allows for stories to be shared in premium and curated contexts.

 Snapchat vs. Instagram: Which Works Better for Your Business?

While it is totally up to you to decide, we have statistics above to guide your decision making process. Furthermore, you want to first take into consideration your customer/consumer base; if your business has an audience of say people ages 14-25, we would highly recommend getting on Snapchat. It is also beneficial for an urgent marketing strategy.

If you are looking for long term growth and wide reach, Instagram might be your best bet; through the use of hashtags, descriptions, and text which aid marketing and seamless advertising. Also is the option of synchronization between two platforms, i.e., Facebook and Instagram, so when you put up a post you can choose to update your Facebook with same content; ads are also a good feature, if you want to promote your content beyond your page; and your posts don’t just go away in 10 seconds, you get to relieve the moments whenever you want to.

So do a critical analysis and choose what best works for your business.