What’s Next With Dance?


Source: EneNaija

Source: EneNaija

Is it that someone sits somewhere and brainstorms on a new dance move or while enjoying good music a dance move pops into the mind? because it is just amazing the kind of moves that have hit the dance floors and we just want to know, what's coming next? 

When you think you’ve seen it all, something new will hit you like an ocean tide slapping itself against the shore. Surely, we thought there couldn’t be anything else after yahoozee but no, many more have rocked the dance floor. If you don't know some moves mentioned here, its ok, you will be fine, some of us are already old.

I remember when I was yet to perfect my Crip walk; after giving up on learning Galala, Swoor came along, and then azonto; West Africa surely did fall in love with azonto as it was showcased in practically every single music video.

Soon after, Nigerian artists brought Skelewu, Sekem, etighi, alkayida, and Shakiti bobo to the spotlight; shutting down events and parties while bursting out these moves. 

Then after came another dance move, shoki. If you didn’t know this move then you didn’t know anything about dance. Ladies always wanted to be around the best dancers but I couldn’t be bothered.

At the moment the shaku shaku and gwara gwara crase is seemingly unmatched by any other dance move that we've seen in the past or any other that currently lives along side them. And so we ask the question again, what’s next with dance?
I for one can’t wait to see what the next move will likely be, and as a result, I have started taking flexibility classes to unlock these stiff bones. I have to be ready to steal the show, oppress the boys and impress the girls.

So, other than giving you an interesting read and taking you on a jolly ride through time, this article is also designed to make you google every dance move mentioned and learn them.