Weed; No Longer Unwanted


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

The next time someone says to me “I think you are smoking something illegal” I’ll tell them, “not really”, because these days it is almost difficult to tell what’s illegal and what isn’t. Something might be said to be illegal in my country and in someone else’s it is totally legal. Well you see, these are the diversities we experience that makes being human very interesting.

Source: Thrillist

Source: Thrillist

Now here is the story

Did you know that cannabis (weed) is now being legalized in many parts of the world? You may have heard of Amsterdam as the safe haven for weed but trust me, there’s a long list of places where you can smoke weed and not get harassed for it.

As compiled by Thrillist, Here it goes;

• Canada

• United States

• Costa Rica

• Argentina

• Peru

• Jamiaca

• Columbia

• Mexico

• Belize

• Ecuador

• Uruguay

• Cambodia

• Laos

• North Korea

• Belgium

• Italy

• The Netherlands

• Spain

• Switzerland

• Croatia

• Czech Republic

• Estonia

• Ukraine Australia

Note that Canada is the only country who has legalized the smoking, selling and transporting of weed, nationwide. So don’t just waltz into any of these countries on this list and light your pot. If you get arrested, it means you didn’t read this article.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Furthermore, the speed with which this trend is really catching on to many parts of the world I am sure that Africa is just waiting for some bold politician to start the movement. Irrespective of the health implication that arises from the use of weed a lot of people still indulge it. However, if weed is legalized, sales will sky rocket for a moment and then it will forever plummet because the main reason weed dealers are being patronized is the rush being illegal gives.

Tell us, what do you TINK will happen if weed were legalized in your country?