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Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Whether we know it or not, a time is coming when we may no longer be referred to as Ghanaian, Nigerian, Egyptian, South African, heck we may no longer be referred to as African. We will then be none as Earthlings or something of that sort. If you read that and chuckled, it means you are human because greatness amuses us in disbelief until it happens. I am not alien myself and as a result, I chuckled the first time this came up but after spotting the trends, its only logical to note that this is set to happen soon.



Let me highlight a few trends:

1. Growing interconnectedness: who would have thought that today you would seamlessly be in contact with friends and loved ones across the globe? Who would have thought you can be best friends with someone who isn’t from your country? In fact, there was a time that people of different race thought of each other as aliens because the knowledge of someone with a different skin colour was strange.

2. We speak one language: one prerequisite for a community is a generally accepted language. In becoming a global community the world has adopted its own generally accepted language which is Technology. It breaks down the language barrier and allows you to connect easily.

3. Developing Local concepts with global mindset: because we see ourselves as part of something beyond our locality, we ceaselessly develop concepts locally to deliver global impacts e.g the fight against global warming, the war against terrorism, aids, malaria, polio, poverty etc.

4. Implementation of Global policies: a Kenyan will not be affected laws made in Botswana because their laws have boundaries. As global citizens, global laws are boundless and are expected to be upheld through-out the globe.

5. Global Events and awards Recognition: now artists are becoming the more creative as they know that their works, whether art, music, movies and so on, are being monitored globally due to the inclusion of global awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize, Grammy Award, Oscar Awards and so much more.

6. Mergers: global powerhouses/business have begun to merge in order to consolidate efforts to deliver global impacts e.g Shazam and Apple

The world is developing a global culture and everyone everywhere is awakening to the fact that they are part of something bigger than themselves or their locality; they are part of the world. This is why when there is a disaster somewhere in the world everyone rises to offer some level of aid and support because we are all connected.

One day you will no longer have passport with your country’s seal, you will have passport that grants you access to the world.

Are you a Global Citizen? Just TINK about it for a minute