Walk Of Shame: Anti-Smoking Billboard Reacts As You Walk By


The screen was set up in a Stockholm plaza where people regularly congregate to smoke


This might be our most favourite innovation yet. The billboard at first sight is pretty plain and one would not guess its function.. However, it has hidden smoke detectors that can detect any cigarette smoke. Whenever it does, the man on the screen reacts with loud coughing. Apotek Hjärtat is using this to encourage people to live healthier and longer lives. it also can be interpreted as an advertisement that hopes to remind people to harmful effects of secondhand smoking.

This is an undebatable interesting approach to interactive advertising. On the streets of Stockholm, nicotine users are reminded on the streets that smoking is not good not just for themselves and to non-smokers who inhale unconsciously but also by a billboard that coughs as if affected by the smoke. This billboard is just programmed to detect smoke, react to it and ends with an advertisement for nicotine gum products from various manufacturers.

The pharmacy said the sign is “just in time for the New Year” and is aimed at helping people “live a longer and healthier life.” Although the billboard has apparently been placed in an area “where people smoke a lot,” Sweden actually has the lowest smoking rate of all European Member states, just 13 percent, according to a 2012 report by the European Council.

The video has already been viewed over 374, 000 times on the pharmacy's Facebook page.

Viewers have shared their opinions in Swedish on the advert.

// 'I think advertising is fantastic!!' one person wrote, 'If you just can motivate a person to stop this disgusting habit, it's worth it!'

// 'Genius and innovation as always!' another commented.

// But others are more skeptical: 'I thought 2016 was the major smoking-shaming-year, with pictures on the packages of rotting feet and slashed lungs. But now stepped it up.'

// 'The only thing that will do is to set up elsewhere,' one defiant viewer said, 'Believe it or not but we are actually aware of the risks when we smoke.'

Now the real question is will this really stop people from smoking? 

Our Idea

With the increasing rate of crime in Nigeria, all largely attributed to high unemployment rate, which we can’t even accept as an excuse anymore as there are entrepreneurial schemes circulating and available, what if the government or security companies adopt the mechanism used by the pharmaceutical company in study above to fight crime. Platforms, billboards or even small unrecognizable boxes could be placed at  crime prone areas and as soon a case is reported to the police, statistics and necessary information are sent out the board and when law offenders try to make their way past the 'box', it reacts and unsuspecting police officers who is assigned to all possible routes within the crime scene can easily arrest the criminal. This might help increase effectiveness and efficiency of the security sector as well take a step further to standardize the practices of police force.