Walk and save a child


So I got a fit-bit from my elder sister last month; and it has been a daily discipline to strive to reach daily step requirements among other things. So to discover that I can take my daily walks and help save the life of another child makes it all the more interesting and fulfilling; adding purpose to my fitness quest.

What makes Kid Power really fun is that it can be done by a child. It can be done by an adult. It can be a family experience. It can be a workplace experience. It really is about taking responsibility for your own health in a way that saves the life of another human being.

The UNICEF Kid Power app, now available for iOS and Android, tracks your activity through your smartphone — the iPhone's Health app, for example — or through your Jawbone, Apple Watch, or other fitness trackers connected to your phone. Every 2,500 steps you take earns you a point, and 10 points "unlock" a ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) package that UNICEF, through the program's sponsors, will deliver to a child with severe acute malnutrition.The objective is to get even more kids involved in saving lives and to be more active, even if they can't get a Kid Power band. And now with the app, adults can get in on the action, too.

Our goal is to get a million kids in America to be saving the lives of a million kids around the world,” said Caryl M. Stern, president and CEO of UNICEF USA. “[But] you can do the Kid Power program and be an adult … We don’t think [the mission of] ‘get active, save lives’ is restricted to children only.

To ensure ease of access and use; it is connected to applications and platforms already in use. Currently,  170,000 students are in the school program, receiving Kid Power bands and participating in all 50 states.