Virtual healing


Ada Health which is currently available for free download in apple store (4.8 rating) and google play store   (4.7 rating) was developed by a software company in Berlin, Germany under the knowledge umbrella of a dedicated team of doctors and computer scientists, resulting a positive convergence between the health and tech industry.

Many people in Africa do not have easy access to a doctor or medical information. Ada’s innovative approach is helping to close this important gap.
— Dr. Bryte Asamoah; CEO Vantage Medical Solutions, Ghana

Now of course it cannot perform eye surgery on you just because you get a pain in your left eye and you feel that is what you need,  but what it can do is ascertain just what eye defect you have and further send you to get professional help; with subsequent usage, you can also store health information of your family members to also enable them get help. It was not invented to replace the job of medical practitioners (who knows this might be inadvertently be the future of health practice); but to also lessen work load on their part, How? Rather than going to the hospital and going through a series of tests, you are headed there with clear symptons and probable causes and the doctor is left to suggest relative treatments.

Privy to Nigeria and other African countries, which we hope will help aid our troubled health sector, this app helps you save time, money and energy all at once; it is like having a medical doctor as a best-friend and you guys go everywhere together and so any slight headache you just turn to her and say, Ayodeji i have a headache and she goes, oh how do you feel exactly and on on. However, if you for some hopefully valid reason hate human communication and would rather converse with your phone, you health solutions are a several clicks away from the comfort of your mobile device. On a mission to make healthcare accessible to everyone at anytime, it has become the top free medical app in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

As both a doctor and a mother, I understand the pressures and the worries of both. Doctors have to diagnose patients in minimal time with maximum efficiency; mothers constantly worry about the health of their loved ones, whether their children or their parents. That’s exactly why we created Ada. Our technology gives reassurance to the whole family about their health, whilst also being useful for doctors by informing their decisions.
— Dr. Claire Novorol, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Ada Health

How it works?

1.  Tell Ada what's troubling you
2. Answer personalized, simple questions
3. Understand what could be wrong
4. Get instant information relevant to you

Taking on a new healthcare approach using a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology; the only limitation with this app would be internet connectivity, so they might in subsequent updates of the app be room for offline usage.