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School Books via cathykuzel.com

School Books via cathykuzel.com

Edutech is the wave in the Nigerian Tech Space, with PrepClass winning Techcabal's 2014 Battlefield competition and Tuteria Nigeria winning one of six awards for Mark Zukerberg's Internet.org Innovation Challenge, we are sure of the trend in solving Nigeria’s education challenge being the big bang. Amongst many other Nigerian Edutech solution is Proteach which has over time gained traction online and offline for providing parents and guardians with needed tutors. These solutions are directly and indirectly enhancing economic development opportunities across the country and we are excited about this trend. With Nigeria’s techo-sphere blossoming, new solutions are available today and are assisting Parents and guardians with easy access with ready and qualified tutors. Beyond the above mentioned, many other Nigerian techopreneurs are venturing into this viable market.

Tutor and Student via teachwithafrica.org

Tutor and Student via teachwithafrica.org

It is no news that there is a need of urgency of action in the Nigerian Education System. Fortunately some young Nigerian Entrepreneurs are working to fill the existing literacy gap in the country. Today parents (who can) are employing the services of private home tutors to cater their children’s peculiar academic needs, away from the school environment. Many parents find this to be more effective as private tutors build a closer personalized bond with their kids, creating room easy and better follow up of both the parents and the tutors.

Though PrepClass started with making pass O-level certificate examination questions available for students and parents, they out of demand and necessity diversified their solution into providing parents and guardians with tutors for their children and wards. In 2015, served about 14,000 hours in billable tutoring hours paying tutors around 6 dollars per hour.

 In a revealing piece on techcabal, The brains behind the PrepClass solution confessed

“Our first tutor marketplace product was built in 20 minutes with Google docs and it turned out to be very successful. Within 3 days we got client requests worth over $6,000 from our first attempt at marketing it. In our first month of pivoting, we made more money and got more testimonies from tutoring than we were making from test prep so we pivoted.”

Apparently this isn’t so far from the testimony the guys at Proteach are sharing, who recorded an increase in customer base and usage from 500 tutoring hours MoM in September 2016 to 4000 tutoring hours as at February 2017. Though Proteach at the moment caters to students in and around Lagos and Abuja there are possible plans of expansion. 

The guys at Tuteria are expanding borders with going even beyond academic curriculum such as Mathematic, Science, Arts etc into introducing Skills and Craft tutors on their platform, students are Dance, Art, Craft, Computer and Software, Music etc. even providing tutors for kids with special needs. 

These solutions also provide parents with tutors for specified examinations and certifications. Foreigners also find solace in these solutions as there are availability and demand of Nigerian Language tutors. A lot is changing with this possibility as parents may not have to look far to find available tutors for their kids, with just one click, a tutor is provided. Many may worry about quality assurance and security, the above solutions have attested to screening and quality assuring their tutors through interviews, tests and assessments. With internet getting cheaper, Nigeria is bound to find a easy and more solutions tackling local problems. Though the solutions above still run partly offline, there is a rapid and obvious increase in usage and confidence. 2017 may just launch the year of a complete online tutor solution for Nigerian Students.