Trust Issues & Online Payment


We have suspended the Payment On Delivery option on our website effective immediately. Our decision was necessitated by the increasing risk and security challenges posed by this payment option. Also, to reduce the amount of cash carried from one location to another by our delivery staff.”
“We encourage our customers to make use of our other secured electronic payment options such as online payment or bank transfer for payments. We believe this will also play an active role in the growth of e-commerce business in Nigeria, as well as give a new dimension to the business.
— Mr Eyo, MD/CEO of PayPorte

My trust issues stem largely from online stores and their delivery systems; pay before delivery (especially if it is not a credible store) feels like throwing my money away to the wind and hoping somehow that the goods miraculously get to me. Then there is the issue of Nigerian cards that all they are good for is ATM withdrawals; so this question is directed to Payporte; have the effects on sales/patronage and customer base been considered? Do you think you can convince Nigerians to purchase via this new other alternatives on the premise of e-commerce growth and development? Speaking personally I will not subscribe to this because I have been duped under the umbrella of bank transfers, so never again. 

The consumer is and always has to be king for the growth and stability of your brand and business that is; While this decision was birthed by the murder of a delivery man; I would still suggest a decision that would be of little to no inconvenience to both parties; so either the delivery man's point is restricted to bus stops or very public areas that do not allow for crimes and or delivery points and structures are built around popular regions and local government to rule out the stress of travelling far if there is a physical office and cancel out trust issues too; basically operating like a waybill/courier service.