TremenDoc- A tele-health platform


What TremenDoc does is provide you with healthcare from qualified professionals from the comfort of your home on your mobile phone or electronic devices. "Get quality healthcare for you and your family anywhere, anytime."

Creating a network that connects medical practitioners with patients, this platform offers communication by-

Voice Call- Want to ask personal health questions? Go ahead and have a voice call with your doctor. Explain your symptoms better

Video Call- Have a conversation with your doctor like you are in the same room. Build a good doctor and patient relationship with your doctor

Chat- Chat with your doctor whenever you want how best to take care of your health. Stay healthy!

Offering health aid on a platter via features as "ASK" where you can ask the doctors anything and are also privy to audio and video consultation from tested doctors around the globe; all you have to do is go to their website and click on "members sign-up", after your profile has been created, you login- choose your package- choose your specialist - get solution. 

Every sector and industry is laying claim to virtual reality and slowly but certainly diversifying between phsyical prsence and digital platforms; so this invention is not only a brilliant one but it was birthed in good time; offering super affordable health care solutions from 500 naira for the pay as you go regular package which contains- 10 minutes consultancy, audio & video chat options and access to over 200 doctors to the highest package for 1000 naira which is the pay as you go therapy, and that gives- 10 minutes consultancy, audio & video chat options and access to over 50 therapists. 

Your sound health is a few clicks away!