Tosyn Bucknor Closes Curtains on All of Us


Source: Within Nigeria

Source: Within Nigeria

It saddens our hearts to hear of the passing of an exceptional OAP in Nigeria, Tosyn Bucknor. She exemplified everything aspiring female OAPs wanted to be. Whilst she plied her trade in one of Nigeria’s most outstanding radio station –Inspiration Fm. She started and sustained trends, added colour to lifestyle, and she redefined pop-culture in her own special way.

The 37 year old was reported to have died from complications from sickle cell on the 19th of November 2018 in her home. The air waves will surely miss the voice of the Area Mama and Nigeria will surely miss her smile.

Source: Within Nigeria

Source: Within Nigeria

I had a terrible crush on her back in 2012 and I wrote her this poem;

“I guess you should have seen this coming

From the day you were born in the cab

And decided to live above your genes

I guess my spirit put on you a tab

Compared to you i am younger no doubt

But age is not what this is about

You are like that fresh flower that has just sprout

And that light that refuses to be put out

This feeling for you I currently describe as a crush

It’s so strong it won't go away in a rush

For you are painted on my heart with a silver brush

Which I have cherished so much

Excellence and beauty are fused in you like an ore

Your spirit so rich you can't get poor

You might ask, have you crushed on anyone prior?

It doesn't matter because I want the world to know I am crushing on Tosyn Bucknor”

She was a trend worth spotting.

*Closes laptop*