TINK Africa Clocks Two: Opens Platforms for Start-Ups, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

One of Nigeria's top Marketing Strategists, Franklin Ozekhome, Founder of TINK Africa, a Consumer Insights and Business Intelligence Platform, set up in October 2014, is celebrating its two year anniversary. This platform has morphed organically in tandem with global consumer trends, and local business looking to transform their products and services into experience brands and real-time engagement models. 

 As part of festivities to celebrate two successive years of sharing real-time consumer insights, trends briefings and innovation workshops with future- determining companies, developing innovative products, tools and services, TINK Africa is unveiling thought-leadership platforms to fully integrate its current offering.

According to Mercy Frank, TINK's brand manager, “the company is collaborating with local and international institutions to set up an Innovation School for marketing and creative professionals in Lagos. The bschool is a resourceful institution where students practice on becoming brand managers, learn, design and launch products, execute digital campaigns, understudy design thinking, and create new media platforms, games and tools for marketers.”

Mercy added: “we are excited about the potential of the bschool, because it’s 100% connection, collaboration and co-creation.

To support fledging start-ups in Nigeria, TINK is providing a coworking space, and Accelerator Hub for millennials and startups.  Selected entrepreneurs will be coached on new product development, brand positioning and communication strategy, brand engagement and planning in a digital world and business model innovation. Mentors consisting of experienced business leaders, marketing strategists and venture capitalists will guide them to successfully transform ideas into experiences.

TINK Spotters hanging out at the TINK Space

TINK Spotters hanging out at the TINK Space


TINK’s second anniversary cum Open Day kicks off with a networking session of top creative professionals and marketing executives.


Connect with TINK at tinkafrica.ng