Upgrade your bed to a self-making one. 

So, wait! you mean they had to legit wait till I was done with secondary school and university before they created this? I honestly don't know how I feel about this technology. Except you have an inherent domestic staff spirit in you that makes laying beds give you joy, I bet you must be ecstatic about this revolutionary technology. Also, this is the technology no African parent would be happy about so you maybe want to keep it between you and your cooperative siblings, okay? Because washing machines that have been around for the longest time still gets frowned upon and raises questions like "What happened to your hand?" and a long boring story that starts with "in my days I washed clothes with my hands..." So imagine the reaction when they learn about this.

SMARTDUVET, is a self-making bed with an air chamber, controlled by an app. It is placed in your duvet cover and after set-up, you can control the duvet through the app, setting the time you want your bed made. It works by simply inflating the air chamber and straightening the blanket into place. It is a useful application for people like me who detest waking up in the morning and laying their beds, elderly people and those with disabilities.

Smartduvet is a non permanent technology that simply attaches to your existing duvet. Once attached to your duvet, Smartduvet will seamlessly slip in your duvet cover and make your bed perfectly, everyday.

The world of technology is constantly evolving and fusing consumer insights and behaviours into its development, a lot of common needs have gotten answers in the past in the form of microwave, dishwasher, washing machine etc. actively helping save time and energy which therefore are now more of necessities rather than mere luxuries. To join the list of necessary creations are the self-making bed app. 

Using the power of air; Smart Duvet uses featherweight space age fabric to make your bed through a network of air chambers. This seamless technology is non permanent so you can use it your own duvet and duvet cover. This also means easy cleaning and installation; with three(3) main features:

  • Compatibility

It is compatible with most duvets. Smart Duvet is non permanent, it simply attaches to your existing duvet or comforter. Just select your bed size and smart duvet will slip in your duvet or comforter cover and make your bed.

  • For android and iOS

It connects with your smart phone to schedule bed making time, or use the duvet placement mode to easily place your duvet in it's cover.

  • Sleep better with Cozee

A newest model, Cozee offers users the option to control temperature on independently on each side of the duvet This model fully takes advantage of the Smartduvet air chamber design to deliver warm or cold air directly to your skin, making it the most ecological and economical way to keep you Cozee.

Smartduvet app is definitely making laying beds a thing of the past, you can pre-order here.