This Is An Eye Opener!


Have you found yourself in an uncontrollable situation, where you just want to unlock your phone but your hands are oily, soapy or you know just cannot do the trick, and you just sit there wishing you could unlock your phone with your eyes? Well send a "thank you" email to FERO Mobile.

A retinal scan is a biometric technique that uses the unique patterns on a person's retina blood vessels. It is not to be confused with another ocular-based technology, iris recognition, commonly called an "iris scanner." Iris recognition uses video camera technology with subtle near infrared illumination to acquire images of the detail-rich, intricate structures of the iris which are visible externally. Digital templates encoded from these patterns by mathematical and statistical algorithms allow the identification of an individual or someone pretending to be that individual.[1] Databases of enrolled templates are searched by matcher engines at speeds measured in the millions of templates per second per (single-core) CPU, and with remarkably low false match rates.


The new IRIS technology provides you with an additional form of authentication to reinforce security. Unlocking your phone has been made easy, as it takes less than  a second to unlock the potential of FERO IRIS. With major features as

// Iris scanner- Enhance security protection through IRIS scanning technology.

// 5.0 inch display - That brings your phone up to 3D display

// To capture real-world authenticity, FERO IRIS packs an 8MP + 2MP camera with subject-tracking and auto-focus for variable distance & lighting clarity.

// 1GB RAM- Run games and apps without any difficulty.

// 4G LTE Connectivity - For fast internet everywhere you go.

// 2,500 MAH Battery- No Power, No problem.

// Quad Core Processor- Do multiple things at once and with ease and speed.

// 32GB Storage

Now I would like to first commend the makers for this feature although they are not the fist brand as they follow in the stead of other mobile brands such as Samsung; Now while they would get a 60% rating from me due to consumer insight and creativity; there are two major problems i would like to point out that will hinder the exploration and success of this feature:

// Power Supply: I speak for Nigerians, when i say the moments we have light are a 15 to 100 ratio, so how do they deal with this iris unlock feature? wait till the secondary power supply comes on till  they unlock their phones and use, if at all/ What if there is no power in the inverter and there is fuel scarcity, we just stare at our phones all night unable to use?

// Eye Infections: Another factor we cannot control, so if my eyes are infected and or swollen almost shut because of an eye infection such as apollo or boil, i would not be able to enjoy my money's worth?