The toddler monitor


I am not a mom just yet, but I know how stressful kids can be, my niece who used to be left in my care was several hands full, I always tell her mom how she was 7 girls and 6 boys all in one, you know you could bring her out the bath tub and get her cleaned up, only turn her around to get clothes from her wardrobe, and she would be half way down the stairs. Oh, how I wished for an app that could tell me where the little wanderer had headed to now, this app is years too lat, but it sure is great news for parents and babysitters. 

Toddler monitor called "DECCO" is a mobile application that adopts motion sensor technology to alert the parents or whoever in charge that the child has left the room or specified areas in the house. 

DECCO the Toddler Monitor is the next stage of baby monitor.

It is a cute and friendly motion sensor device designed to alert parents if their toddler has left their bedroom or safe space, and is on the move. It gives parents peace of mind knowing that they will be alerted if their toddler is in potential danger.

Offering security in the bedroom, Home, Hotel, Vacation home or cottage, a Family member's house or really anywhere your child frequents as long as it placed there and laying claim to benefits such as- lightweight, water-resistant, travel ready, covers large home and many more; It works in three(3) simple ways:

// Set- Hang DECCO the Toddler Monitor on your toddler's bedroom door and SET it from your smartphone using the Toddler Monitor app.

// Sense- If your toddler tries to leave their bedroom, the device will SENSE the motion of the door and send a Bluetooth signal to your smartphone

// Know- You will be notified via the Toddler Monitor app if there is movement at the door and you will KNOW that your toddler is on the move.

DECCO the Toddler Monitor pairs with an iOS or Android app that can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.It is fully controlled via the iOS or Android app allowing you to receive alerts about:

Detected motion
Low battery on phone
Low battery on the Toddler Monitor
Up to three devices can be managed and named in the app; and you are able to control one device with multiple smart phones.

Why is it so easily movable though? I mean I understand the ease of mobility but if it is for safety/security as is the intent, but seeing as it takes on the cognizance of a toy wouldn't the child remove it from the door knob in curiosity and just walk away from coverage area?