The Sun Will Shine In Dark Places


 Person A: "Hey, I tried calling you all throughout today. What happened?"

Person B: "My phone was off for the whole day. No light, and the generator wasn't working."

Some of us are familiar with this scenario. it is sad that a county with so much sun doesn't utilize it to make life easier for the people living in it. In an age such as this, where almost everything depends on electricity, startup businesses, and even people who work from home need constant electricity. Massive funds and other resources that could be used to better businesses are sadly being poured into fueling of generators, although some parts of the country are luckier than others in facing this challenge. The people who need to save as much money as possible are sadly the ones facing this resource draining challenge *sigh*.Let's not just talk about businesses, we all know homes face this challenge too. Spending money on fuel isn't the only problem, noise, air and even water pollution, is making it even harder for people to work. The unfortunate thing is this shortens man's lifespan.

We all complain about  how unbearably hot the sun gets, or how our skin is getting darker because, and I quote, "the sun in this country doesn't want us to be great" but there's really nothing we can do to reduce the heat. We were blessed by the Lord God Almighty to be placed on this side of the earth and this close to the equator.

 So, why can't we use our sun for good? 

The fact is, a  few people are utilizing the sun through the use of solar facilities and this comes comes with a very high price which makes it almost impossible for startups to access to these solar tools.

Is there really no way out?

The Lumos Global logo

The Lumos Global logo

Sure there is. Lumos global is company that partnered with MTN, Nigeria's largest Telecommunication Network to provide very affordable solar energy and electricity to Nigerian's. For a price of Fifteen thousand Naira only, any individual can  get their very own solar electricity generating system. In a conversation with one of their representatives, I found out that with the system comes an MTN sim card which you pay One hundred and Fifty Naira into on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The bottom line is that you have 24 hours of steady light which is supposed to carry your light (special LED bulbs manufactured by the company, which also comes with the system), TV, and fans.

The aim is to provide people living in Sub Saharan Africa with healthy, cheaper more environmentally friendly alternatives to candles, generators and kerosene to have light and electricity.

For now, the Lumos system is not built to carry heavy electronics like fridges, irons, or air conditioners but a representative from Lumos says that their target audience can't even afford these electronics. For now, their office is only available in Ibadan, Oyo State in Nigeria and they claim to have sold more than 10,000 systems. This might really be a way out of our struggles, maybe not for the business that work with heavy equipment but at least for the small ones that need every bit of revenue they can get.