The Silicon Valley on Your Body


Source: Radiant Health Mag

Source: Radiant Health Mag

Africans tend to call it fake, they say filling your body with silicon is unhealthy, and so on, but everyone wants to be perceived in a certain way. Everyone wants to look a certain way, people want to have a certain shape of nose, a particular size of ear, the right curves here and there, and more. The thing is, we used to think of this as a purely western scenario but that which used to live overseas is now gaining acceptance within the African shores.

Went to visit a friend some time ago in Mozambique and while we spoke she told me how that she wanted to get a thinner waist line. Her reason was that her waist was too large and didn’t accentuate the beauty of her lower body and that if she got a plastic surgery done around that area she would look better. Of course I didn’t approve because I thought she had one of the most amazing bodies I had ever seen but it wasn’t my choice to make, was it? Long story short, she did the surgery and I must say, she was right. Now every time she walks by she get to turn heads because people can’t help but notice how amazing she looks.

Source: Thoughtful Health Blog

Source: Thoughtful Health Blog

Now my friend is feels more confident and beautiful. This is just one in over 1 billion people living in Africa that may or may not be attracted to the thought of plastic surgery. However the case, the trend is on the rise for a number reasons:

1. Urbanization: as Africa continually develops and ushers in western culture and practices, we tend to inherit some behavioural patterns – plastic surgery inclusive. Talk about being the boss lady.

2. Disposable income: as the middle socio economic class continues to grow and consumer purchasing power continues to increase, disposable income becomes the more disposable – you tend to give into certain cravings. Like they say “looking good is good business”.

3. People’s perception and social media: the want to measure up to people’s perception of what beauty is, plus the direction social media points you in, you’ll tend to tilt towards putting yourself under the knife only so you can look and feel the way everybody else wants you to – everyone wants to be accepted.

So here’s my question to you reading this article, if you needed to see a plastic surgeon for cosmetic reasons, what is that one part of your body you would change?

Note: this piece is in exemption of those who must have suffered some form dis-figuration due to accidents, child birth, and other conditions.