The Lovemark Bank: Access Goes From Banking To Loving

Leading Nigerian Bank shows us how to take loving steps ‘beyond your borders’

Love is an innate human attribute; one that compels us to do and go beyond expectation for another. Every opportunity to celebrate love is much cherished and even anticipated; and when it comes, it’s usually a very memorable experience. So when Access Bank made the very disruptive step of celebrating its love for its customers and celebrating the love the customers had for each other, the company effectively transited from banking to “loving” and “living”.

Access Bank celebrated the month of LOVE (February 2015) in a very interesting fashion. Interested participants were invited to upload a picture of themselves expressing love the best way they could, and Access delivered surprise Val packages to whoever they nominated. As promised, 250 people received gifts for their entries. Most of the winners were stunned speechless at their prizes, and a cool video was created to capture their reactions.


  • The most important attribute of any serious innovator is the ability to be disruptive
  • Customers are falling more in love with businesses and brands that show genuine concern for their lives beyond the borders of what the product or service offers
  • Banks need to transit from simply providing financial services to situating themselves within the realities of their customers
  • Human connection is an important asset that every brand should incorporate into their culture, communications and brand experiences