The Handsome Parade (Na Dem Dey Rush Us)


Social media has proven to intensely amplify anything that catches the attention of people. A song can go viral when there’s a dance style birthed from it and which most often becomes a challenge. Interestingly,the internet has just recovered from Drake’s  #Kiki challenge and Ciara’s #LevelUp challenge, now the #Kupe challenge is the trend.

When I checked the hashtag #Kupe challenge on Instagram, I couldn’t take my eyes off the phone. Creativity was spilling.

The hashtag #KupeChallenge started when four young men from France recorded a video of themselves doing a choreography to the Ghanaian-born singer Ebony's hit song 'Kupe', and due to the great looks of the four-man squad, the video spread like wildfire. Bloggers, comedians, families, friends and any one possible joined with the hashtag. People around the world and in different continents also has joined in the trend. I mean, the hashtag is still trending. The internet has had various recreations of this challenge, it’s literally all over the social media.

The Kupe song in the video is by A-star and was produced by Moris Beat. The Kupe dance itself which started the challenge originated from Ghanaian dance instructor and upcoming musician, Michael Amofa popularly known as Zigi. Although the challenge was brought to the limelight by the French men, its roots are a hundred percent Ghanaian. 

The four French guys in the Kupe challenge caused a roar on social media. When the video with the four guys was released, the focus was first on them and not exactly the song. Girls around the world were asked to pick from any of the four guys, the comments were massive. Regardless of hurting their boyfriends, these girls aren’t bothered. These sexy French guys are melting the hearts of ladies in different countries.

Dance tutors in different countries released videos that taught dance steps to the Kupe challenge. I actually watched a video by dancer @Itsjustnife, it was sort of everyone’s dream to jump on the trend.


Here are the names of the four French guy: Habitu Etoi (He is a fitness coach and the CEO of Callus coaching in France), Teddy Ovo (A fitness coach and a lover of sports), Jim Seuh (Also a fitness coach at Callous) and Yoyo (A professional basketball player from France). These are the guys who can boldly say “Na dem dey rush us.” They have caused confusion in the camp of girls as girls are wishing to have one or all of the four guys as their husbands or lovers (LOL).

Just last weekend, these French guys released a thank you video to appreciate everyone for the immerse outpour of love.

Successful online challenges like #Kupe shows that different people around the world can be connected by good music. Interestingly, extravagant admiration is springing forth as “The Handsome Parade” which is birthed from the #Kupe challenge is ongoing. Habitu Etoi(@habituetoi) shared on his page the day he posted the video”Whole squaaaaaaad 💁🏾‍♂️ You have to choose only one!”and girls rained comments. Today, he shared on his Instagram: “Who wants to play ? Choose one to get married 🤵🏿, one as a friend 🤝, one for one night 🙊 and one to kill 💀 Just kidding thanks again yall 🙏” Comments are still dropping.

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