The Genderless Economy


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Everything in the world is going “less”. Less of this and less of that is the trend that’s taking the world by storm. I presume you have heard the phrase “less is more”, “go minimalist” and so on. We have seen the world embark on a cashless economy agenda, although a few nations on this side of the cardinal points have yet to catch on. We’ve also seen the world embark on a paperless economy agenda but right now the campaigns to this new trend, “Genderless Economy” are running and they are gaining worldwide recognition.

Women have stood up to say they can no longer be second option as they too can do what their male counterparts are doing.

This trend has seen a massive inclusion of women into sports, weight lifting, politics, and many other activities that used to be reserved for the man. Following this, comic companies especially in Nigeria have actively begun to create female superhero characters as they too can be heroes or heroines if you like. Super hero curation company, Disney, have also begun to roll-out products that appeals to their female audience.

Advertising has become more empathetic to the female community. Very recently an ad ran in Nigeria which posed the woman as a strong do-it-all personality and the ad came under fire. They said that in as much as the woman can handle all of these, should the man just sit and watch them do it all #WifeNotSlave. Globally, we are seeing movements like the #MeToo and #LikeaGirl empower women and a much more global scale.

This trend is certainly leading to a Genderless Economy, a world where there is no discrimination between women and men, a world where women aren’t thought of as weak and unintelligent. The question in forms that ask for gender will probably be deleted.

Yet I wonder, when the world no longer sees sex would men still be chivalrous towards women, will they still be gentle?

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