The future of Fashion Industry & Commerce


Fashion fairs is the new face of the fashion industry and simultaneously commerce. I am not one to care or get excited about shopping, if it is not online or thrifting. While I am not also a social human being, the combination of shopping and social networking sounds like a perfect synergy especially in today's world where technology and social media have replaced people. You know so get out there, meet real life people and fill up your wardrobe with goodies, works right?

By fashion fairs I mean pop-up sales, yard sales, and any events generally organized with a side aim of social resource which in this case is people. I'm not a shop owner or a designer, but i know that on the average, a higher amount of sales would be recorded at a sale than who knows maybe even a week at the shop. A good example of such a fair is The Lagos International Trade Fair (The crowd is enormous, I got lost there as a kid and had to sing my way back to my mom), it is an annual 10-day event which starts from the first Friday in November since 1981; organized by The Lagos Chamber and Commerce Industry, having fashion, clothing& textile as one of their categories, this is a great avenue to explore sales and harness key networking opportunities. 

Irrespective of how far up the success ladder a business has climbed, marketing is still core for business continuity and growth to stay relevant and break even; this and many more are the many opportunities that fashion trade shows offer. On a platter, what these shows offer are visibility in a nutshell; certainly helps boost sales, connect with other directly or indirectly related brands in the industry. 

A tradeshow environment allows retailers to see product in person, establish what’s trending in their marketplace, and get comprehensive product information in one contained location. It is also a unique opportunity for them to build relationships with their vendors.
— Camille Candella. Vice President of Marketing for Emerald Expositions

We have a list of popular fashion fairs for you guys to keep up with below:

- Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) ||

Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) is a multiday fashion event platform that aims to drive the Nigerian and ultimately, the African fashion industry; by bringing together buyers, consumers and the media to view the current collections of African designers in the fashion capital of Lagos, Nigeria. Beyond the runway, the annual event provides a physical platform that’s gradually repositioning fashion as a useful tool for commerce and creativity in Nigeria.


// LFDW Runway Shows and Presentations featuring new season collections from designers in the African fashion industry
// LFDW Showrooms featuring fashion products, textiles and accessories
// Fashion Focus supported by LFDW Fashion Hub – workshops and master classes that facilitate knowledge transfer, information exchange and networking opportunities across board
// Fashion Business Series to facilitate conversations with key players from the Nigerian and Pan African fashion industry as a useful tool for exchanging ideas, networking and developing the fashion industry.

- Mente De Moda ||

"Mente de Moda is a youth empowerment initiative that focuses on giving the small or medium scale business owner that much needed edge in a harsh economic climate, SME’s with interests in fashion, art, food, lifestyle & or gift items."

First organized in 2011 only twice and returned in 2013 to become a bi-monthly event. In 2015 it became a monthly event
This way increasing the chances of the Entrepreneurial Nigerian Youth to showcase their work/trade and network with other like minded individuals. 

- GTBANK FSHN WKN || fshwknd,

The GTBank Fashion Weekend is a consumer focused fashion exhibition and capacity building



The GTBank Fashion Weekend is a consumer focused fashion exhibition and capacity building event that aims to promote enterprise within the fast growing Nigerian Fashion Industry.