The Brands Have Ears



People generally make the mistake of listening to others with the intent to reply; that’s actually for those who even care enough to listen. Well, I am of the school of thought that says “if you are patient enough to listen, then you should listen not with the intent to reply but with the intent to understand”. That a person is complaining doesn’t just mean he wants you to hear him but it means he wants you to understand and probably take the necessary actions.

Consumers today are becoming more vocal about their feelings; especially towards social issues such as climate change, plastic waste, greener and cleaner environment, oil spill, and so on. The issue might be about health concerns over a brands package or feminist concerns, however diverse the situation might be, it is imperative the brand listens – the listening brand will win in 2019.

I have also found out that brands make the mistake of tailoring next steps with respect to what competitors are doing, I can’t begin to say how grave a mistake that it is (read our article: Trickery That Works) because that strategy no longer works. Listen to your consumer and you are sure to find the right marketing mix that will take you to the next phase of marketing success.


A few brands have begun to jump on this trend but a few are yet to get started. Global brand, PepsiCo ran a quick survey in 2018 to understand what consumers thought about them and if there was anything they would like them to do differently. The answers acquired helped them execute an award winning strategy during the end of same year.

Find out what your consumers want

Brands have ears and they must use them otherwise consumers (people) are going to come down hard on them.