The Battle for Sustainability

Brands are tumbling over themselves to find that big idea that will ensure sustainability


Before you read this article, I want to say something to you – Brace Yourself. Hence forth, one thing you are likely going to see is plethora of new brands/products or new activities from leading and emerging brands. They are going to be so much it is likely going to plague you; loyalty, character, and a good name would save some brands in this emerging market. This is all as a result of the quest for sustainability.


This quest is the reason for the new buzz word the marketing industry has added to its vocabulary – future proof. Every brand wants to create that killer product, execute that award winning strategy, or run that amazing campaign in a view to ensure that consumers can tell them apart from their closest competitors. This is increasingly important because as new products begin to flood the market, your brand identity might just be the life boat you need otherwise the flood might sink your ship.

This trend is largely visible in many parts of Africa and you may have or haven’t noticed.

Marketers, business owners and brand managers are beginning to pull out every last trick in the marketing communications manual; and in this battlefield only the best of strategies will win.