The 22-year-old Nigerian Millionaire


In December 2016, when majority of his investors who had thought BTD was some kind of multi-level marketing scheme started to request to withdraw all of their funds following rumours that Nigeria’s largest multi-level marketing scheme, MMM, had crashed.

This was depleting our capital so much that it challenged the company’s sustainability. That was Christopher putting it mildly. This was an existential crises that could have wiped out over 80% of his fund, as well as BTD itself, in under a month. He took firm action and froze the fund. He also revealed himself to many of his Lagos-based investors for the first time (some who had exposure of up to N30 million), and organised an Investor Conference in February of this year to allay their fears.

Although a victim of the MMM program's failure, which set back his business,  Christopher ‘King’ Bowofade is the founder of  Better Days Investments (BTD), a hedge fund worth N600 million that buys and sells futures and options (the company started out with N1 million from 20 investors); he went from a being a student with struggling parents to building an investment company with 15 full-time employees. 


Christopher graduated with a diploma in Conservation Science and Tourism in late 2012, and proceeded to study Economics at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), with a future plan to be on the same parstatal as big finance houses like ARM, FBN Capital to mention a few, he was groomed into this path by nursing early enough an interest in the financial market- forex, futures, options and binary options. 

But he persisted, got expert international fund managers to be his mentors, and worked harder and then started getting better returns on his investments. He dropped out of school (don't try this at home) to focus on the business; and BTD trades daily on behalf of 7,902 individual investors who get returns anywhere from 10% to 30% monthly, a performance which is difficult to believe and even more difficult to achieve. 

I am 22-years-old and still figuring my life out, but at least it feels good to see someone is not building his life around Instagram likes & comments or taking pride in being a Yoruba demon. Visit the website now and take part in shaping the future of Africa and the world's financial future via technology, business and all other viable sectors.