TechStyle: Advent of Wearable Tech


Wearable technology is a growing trend and is getting immensely integrated into our everyday lives. Though on many occasions Nigerians have been tagged as hardworking, we would much rather take the faster route out of everything. To many living in the big cities of Nigeria, life before the advent of delivery services cannot even be imagined. That being said, If one asks whether we would jump on the wearable technology train; we’d probably say, “Yes” without even asking a lot of questions.

While we can’t say if some of these fashion items would permeate and hit the long run, we are definitely loving the innovation they are all backed up by. See our favourite techstyle wears so far:

There is the CHBL Jammer coat; This coat is designed by an Austrian architecture company, Coop Himmelb(L)au and you can use it to be invisible. The metal fabrics block radio waves and makes the wearer untraceable from modern devices. It works really great that your credit card information will be safe but this also means that you won’t be contactable via phone.



The Rain Check; acid rain became a nationwide issue sometime in 2016, so the Korean-born, London-based designer Dahea Sun has invented a natural cabbage dyed dress that could act as a pH indicator when rain falls onto the fabric. To take it even further, it even comes with a smartphone app that allows people to scan and upload colour changes to a cloud based database. This will update the rest of the world with real-time environmental data about the rain.

The Karma Chameleon Project; A group of researchers at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada were able to weave electronic components into pieces of fabric that harness your energy and change the colour of your fabric; I guess we can finally say, “oh feeling blue today?”. They plan to further their research in applications for this fabric as well, such as for charging and medical purposes.

The More You Look; I bet it’ll fast become everyone’s favourite, probably rank high above the scale of adrenaline rush over Instagram likes. This dress knows when you are looking at it. Embedded with eye-tracking technology, the dress responds to the human gaze. Gazing at the dress activates tiny motors which moves certain parts of it. One of the dresses is covered in tendrils of photo-luminescent threads that dangle from ruched fabrics while the other one is made up of glow-in-the-dark threads which forms a base layer.



Solar Jacket: Crystal solar panels are integrated into leather flaps on the jackets shoulders and waist so they can be revealed when there is sunshine and hidden when not in use. When worn in the full sun for an hour, it can store enough energy to charge a typical smartphone for up to 50% in capacity. You don’t have to take your charger around anymore!

The emotion dress; I don’t know about this one, you can’t just lie anymore to cover up your feelings, your favourite dress would give you away. This prototype by Philips Design gives us a look into the future of fashion where clothes does not merely to protect, but also reflect our emotions making it a forward form of communication. The first layer of the dress contains biometric sensors which project emotion that comes in the form of colorful lights onto the second layer, the outer textile. I do suggest this for every guy out there, thank me later.



Liar Liar; This garment punishes its wearer whenever a lie is told and is not invented for those who are weak in conscience. It has a speech recognition system, which constantly checks for lies. The dress will light up when you are talking, growing with intensity as the likeliness of a lie increases. If you have the guts to lie, it lights up and flickers while stunning you with an electric jolt as a repercussion. Sounds like a perfect gift for all your friends.

Red Carpet Ready? Embedded with 62 LED lights that are sensitive to camera flashes, this dress lights up when it is photographed. It feels like a revenge dress for reunion or your ex’s wedding party.

Pass The Blunt; At first glance, this dress will intrigue you merely by the flirty sparks. In essence, it is operated by a micro-controller-based, battery-driven sensory system that can detect when people are near you and releases smoke if they invade your personal space. You never have to tell the chick to stay in her lane again, let her try it and get burnt.

If this hasn’t made you fall in love with technology and fashion and it’s fusion, maybe read it over and then you would see how much functionality these pieces would serve and how much of a place they have in our society.