Tech is Driving Unemployment


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

I am not an enemy of progress but the recent inventions we see these days are and will put many people out of jobs. This is up for argument but before you say anything in opposition, I ask you to read this article to the end. A friend of mine once told me that technology is taking all the jobs and I didn’t see what he meant until now. Note that technology is driving economical and financial advancement all over the world but it is poised to take many people out of jobs.

Alibaba, the world’ biggest e-commerce company, has launched a cashier-less wine storage and retail facility in its home city of Hangzhou. This innovation helps improve retail habits; however it enables shoppers to purchase wines by the case without paying with cash or interacting with any sales staff. So it’s high time we said goodbye to those hot young ladies that inspire us to buy more wines in the wine store, which means more ladies out of jobs. It’s not just Alibaba; some Chinese tech companies such as Alibaba’s rivals, Suning and BingoBox have launched their own versions of unmanned cashless stores in mainland China. You may say, “oh well, it’s just China”, don’t forget this is Africa, technological advancements in China don’t take long to cross the African borders.

According to the Miami Herald, Yotelpad, a 30-story building that's part hotel, part condominium, is employing three robot butlers for guests and residents. They can handle room service, bring extra towels, give directions, chat with guests and play music. They can even use the elevator and are also programmed to say different greetings and responses. A touchscreen on the device is enabled to show several facial expressions.

So, after reading this article and watching these videos, you tell me, is tech putting people out of jobs or not?

I for one would love to buy drinks from the automated store and have these robots make my bed but I still would love the human touch from time to time.

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