Talking Bookz- A revolutionary literary device


Talking Bookz seeks to disrupt the traditional book publishing market and redefine how Africans consume books.

The Talking bookz app is the answer to every student's prayer. I remember wishing I had the audio version of those unending lecture notes and hand-outs, and honestly things you hear and see are harder to forget than tings you read, so this is an informal suggestion to all schools and educational centers; switch from written to oral means of tutelage. 

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Currently, you cannot make purchases from the Talking bookz app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can, however, purchase Talking bookz audiobooks on your iPhone or iPod Touch's web browser by following these steps on your device or desktop.  Once you download the audiobook, you do not need internet to listen to it. Downloads of the books can only be made through the iOS app

  1. Go to the Talking Bookz website on mobile or on desktop.
  2. Login with the same details you sign up with on the app. And if you haven’t created an account yet, just click login/register.
  3. Browse for your audiobook either by searching for titles and authors at the top of the page, or by tapping the left navigation menu and searching inside the many book categories.
  4. If you have added books in the wishlist on your iOS device, you will find them in the wishlist.
  5. From the book description page of your selected audiobook, click Buy Book
  6. This will take you to the cart where you will see the audiobook you have selected to buy.
  7. Once you pay, the book will automatically be credited to your account and you will see it under My book section of the appThen click on continue to make payment after which you will be taken to our payment gateway and you will put in your creditcard details
  8. Now you have the alternative to either stream it through the website, or download it and/or stream it on your iOS device.

Offering book categories as humour, erotica, fiction, romance, cooking, biography, kids and more; launched at the 2015 Mobile West Africa event, the Talking Bookz app allows users to purchase and download audiobooks straight to their devices from a wide range of aforementioned categories.

Talking Bookz was established to get in front of the audiobooks trend. The platform is the first audio-book startup and retailer of downloadable audiobooks in Nigeria and Africa, and it was founded by Kolapo Ogungbile and Damilola Aransiola. Buying into a dying habit of reading physical books as exhibited by nearly every consumer, digital books are becoming the new phase of book production and consumption.