The Future of the Future


Source: EC Tour

Source: EC Tour

All my life I heard the phrase “plan for the future, today”, but it was always said in corrective tones like I was doing something wrong living wild and free without a care in the world. All I wanted to do was live in the moment but other people thought it wrong, they said “what if you go bungee jumping and crack your neck in the process? Have you thought of getting health care and can you afford that kind of health care”? If you actually want to live wild and free and stay in the moment you also have to plan for the next moment otherwise you’ll be happy today and frustrated tomorrow.

With that being said, I think the whole world is going bungee jumping soon because everyone seems to be talking about the future, the future of work, the future of tech, the future of business, the future of music, the future of wine, the future of movies, the future of social network, the future of education, the future of weed, and so on, but today I’m talking about something special, The Future Of The Future. The last time I heard this much talk about the future I was just a boy and it was in the year 2000. For some reason, in Nigeria, we thought that year was going to be the end of the world and till this day, I don’t know why. When that didn’t happen a couple of people started to plan for the next 2000 years. Please don’t laugh, it wasn’t funny then but I think it is hilarious now.

What is the purpose of these conversations?

Well it is in no doubt that the world is in the age of disruption and everyone is thinking of future proofing their businesses and as a result, a couple of trends are emerging especially that of The Merger. Big and small organizations all over Africa are consolidating efforts for the sole purpose of ensuring sustainability.

Another trend which is equally important is Agility. This word has been thrown around throughout the year as businesses and brands are trying to position themselves in such a way that they are equipped to transform speedily when the need arises. Someone once told me and he said: “old men talk about the past, but young men talk about the future”. No one wants to be obsolete, they all want to be relevant so they invest in a nimble and forward-thinking team.

These two trends and more are the co-parents of the future. Everyone is coming together to share trends and information so that they can all ensure that no one is left behind in this race to the future. Like my favorite line from Vin Diesel in Riddick, “If you can’t keep up, don’t step up”.

What would these conversations produce?

As these conversations continue to flood the economic landscape I believe we are in for a mega shift in everything that we currently know and do. A few years ago, social networks didn’t exist but now those networks have created tons of global businesses around the world.

Soon we will birth innovations that’ll change the world – this is something Pinky and the Brain would have loved to do.

Impostor Filter


Since the inception of social media, a whole lot of innovation and revenue generating opportunities have sprung up, but right now I am concerned. Most of these social media brands like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on have achieved brand equity, however, one of them have turned to bolder strategies to win over new users.

Snapchat is grabbing the bull by the tail and I’m not sure if that’s a great move but I am certain it’s an outrageously bold one. They initially came with all the amazing filters that totally transforms you to the image you’d like or to something funny, then they introduced the voice changing filter – this rose an eyebrow. Now Snapchat has come with a new filter I call The Impostor Filter, it completely transforms a man to a lady and I am like what the ****.

Take a look at these videos and tell us what you TINK in the comment section below.

I’m shook.

Tech Has Come For Your Wrist


Source: Lexington Broadcast Services Company / Via

Source: Lexington Broadcast Services Company / Via

I am of the opinion that the amazing tech innovations of tomorrow are products of the thoughts of wild thinkers of yesterday. We have seen tech take every facet of life, heck it is nearly impossible to live through a day without having some level of interaction with one gadget or the other. Now, tech has come for our wrists and like everything else, we would gladly give.

Do you remember Penny from the 80’s blockbuster cartoon Inspector Gadget? The cartoon was really big at the time as it seemed impossible for one person to be so resourceful, Penny’s watch made her so.

She could make video calls, send texts, shoot laser beams, detect radioactivity, pull down doors, and so on – only 80’s children may be able to relate. My point is, her watch could do more than tell time. This is what the big tech companies like Apple and Samsung have brought into today’s world. Being stereotyped has never really been fun, everything should be able to do more. I mean, there are cars that do more than take you from place to place; they literally give you an experience – look out world, thanks to Tesla we are beginning to see the age of driverless cars (as seen in Sylvester Stalone and Wesley Snipes’ Demolition Man) take center stage, we will begin to look forward to the age of the flying cars (as seen in Back to the Future and Star Wars).


I am an ultra-mega fan of wristwatches, therefore this type of innovation excites me. Although this is a growing trend globally, it is becoming really huge in Africa especially Nigeria and it’s speedily becoming a culture. You and I know that sometimes it’s difficult to ignore certain calls and messages because your phone is almost always in your hand, now you could just take a glance at your wrist and choose whether or not to take a call, or even seamlessly reply a text. You could record voice, calculate, go through social media, connect to other devices like your phone, car, speakers and so much more all on your wrist – tell me about technology that excites.

I bet that when you were younger you always wanted to play spy maybe James Bond, well you may be older now but here’s your chance.


So what does this mean? Why are we even paying attention to this?

First of all, we are TINK Africa, Africa’s trend spotting pop culture academy, we, therefore, spot the trends and make it easier for you to take advantage of them. Next, it provides a wealth of opportunities for brands and businesses to deploy more personalized digital strategies to effectively target their desired audience.

The smartwatch culture is gaining the wrists because people want an experience tailor-made for them and that’s something the smartwatch delivers effectively. Back in the day, we were all comfortable just having phones until they started becoming smart, now it’s no longer enough to have a wristwatch, question is, what can your wristwatch do? Is it smart?

The Future of Activation


I want to smell it, taste it, see it, feel it, and hear it. I want a product I can experience. These have the mantra of the modern day African consumer. No one wants to purchase a product that doesn’t connect with their daily living. Ask yourself, when was the last time you purchased a product you didn’t try or someone you trust didn’t tell you about? I’m sure you don’t remember, neither do I. little wonder why organizations are increasing their marketing budget and channelling it towards consumer experience.

Over the years there have been a few strategies that have been employed in experiential marketing, which are:

One-on-one marketing

This has become increasingly annoying as businesses use “brand ambassadors/guerrilla marketers” to intrude personal space while waving flyers in your face.

One-on-one marketing will never die; people want to have an experience making them feel like they are the only ones on the planet, however the strategy must evolve. Digital marketing and tech have found a way around this.

BA or what?

If we stop using street marketers as brand ambassadors then what should we do? Truth is, no one likes it when a BA steps up to them in the street and starts to market a product they don’t even care about. Technology like hologram is being experimented with in order to capture attention and prompt purchase; very effective, in my opinion.


I would like to end this paragraph and this article with one sentence “tech is the future of activation marketing or consumer experience” but I can’t because activation wouldn’t be all tech, although it will be an integral part. Activation seeks to capture all senses, so whatever strategy that’s employed to achieve this will win.

Smart City


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Name one country in the world, whether in Africa or someplace else that has experienced any form of economical advancements that it did not thrive under the aegis of technology, and we will delete this piece. Over the years there has been several talks about how the world is becoming a global village – news flash; this has already happened, as people are as close as a click of button. Now that this has been achieved, the quest for Africa to become a smart city is very well in view.

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

In our previous article we mentioned how that the adoption of technology is one of Africa’s superpowers; this my friend is the real deal. Everything is going smart, from homes, to cars, to appliances, offices, even signage. The penetration of mobile devices and internet is the life wire of this direction.

Africa will not be left out of the technological wave sweeping across the face of the universe and smart business who are agile enough to take advantage of this trend will win.