Entrepreneurs are the Real Avengers



Nearly every definition you can find over the internet or in books around the word "Entrepreneur " is skewed towards portraying the entrepreneur as someone who starts a business or a “start-upper”. That doesn’t even nearly capture what the entrepreneur is about. His high coffee consumption, sleepless nights, persistent headaches aren’t just because he is trying to start a business but because he understands that he bears the weight of the world on his shoulder. He is saddled with the responsibility of providing a solution that caters for specific human needs – that’s how great businesses are born.

Entrepreneurs serve as a country's economic pillar, playing important roles in the country's economy, from creating new businesses, inventing goods and services which results in employment, thereby adding to the country's national income.


Let me show you a direct representation of what entrepreneurs can do.

There are over 582 million entrepreneurs in the world. Africa as the second largest continent in the world has been blessed with an astonishing number of such individuals, with over 22 percent of its working population starting new businesses, which is the highest rate compared to any other region of the world. As a result of input from entrepreneurs, Nigeria's GDP increased by 1.9% in 2018 garnering $392.270 billion compared to 2017's $376.361billion. Nigeria's GDP has averaged $125.26 billion form 1960 until 2018 making an all-time high of $568.5 billion in 2014 – The Hill report.

Buoyed by a strong youth population, Africa is flourishing on the backs of these entrepreneurs. Vocational trainings are being introduced to both secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria in order to fuel the entrepreneurship drive in the nation. Thereby giving them the necessary tools to chart their own course.

The trend of entrepreneurship in Africa cannot go unnoticed as it leads the continent into a bright new future. They are the real avengers.