Should Men Be Feminists?



In a nutshell, feminism is a movement of an ideology that hinges on the equality of the sexes. They say, “no preferences, no special treatments, no nothing, treat women and men equally”. Although, there’s still a number of people who believe that the movement is an effort in futility as male dominance is an age long tradition. This however has not deterred women all over the world from pushing for what they believe. The success of movements such as the #MeToo movement is proof positive that this feat is attainable. Brands and government parastatals have endorsed this feminist ideology and put laws and policies in place to foster the acceptance.

In advertising and marketing communications, there is now something known as “the female centered design” as it is now believed that for marketing campaigns to be effective there is need to segment the target audience appropriately.


The question here now is, should men be feminists?

People have argued that men are not needed to join the movement, however, their participation would be appreciated, as the movement isn’t against men but against a system that have over the years broken down the self-esteem of many woman, whilst others say that it is of necessity and great importance that men join in on the movement to show their support of things that are right and not to just sit back and watch how things pan out.

Well, I believe that being a feminist in itself isn’t a gender related adjective however it is a gender related war. If this line made you smile, then we think alike. What I’m trying to say in essence is that, both men and women who follow through on the ideology may refer to themselves as feminists.

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Depress the Depression


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

So there has been so much talk about depression across Africa and TINK cannot keep quiet about it and as a result we have chosen to educate you about this unpleasant trend and also help those who may already be facing the situation to come out of it. We are family and we must hold each other’s hands at times like these.

Depression is a common and serious medical illness that affects your mental well-being. It affects your mood, how you eat, your relationship with people, your outlook on life, and you don’t see colour (beauty, joy, happiness). There used to be a belief that African are mentally strong people and depression can’t come through our borders but that belief no longer holds water as we are beginning to experience high mortality rates due to this mental ill-health.

Causes of Depression

According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression is caused by 4 main factors which are:

1. Genetics: Depression can run in genes, if there’s been a history of depression in a family tree chances are that depression is likely to occur.

2. Biochemistry: differences in chemical composition in the brain

3. Personality: people who have low self-esteem, easily overcome by stress, or are pessimistic, are more likely to be depressed compared to others.

4. Environmental factors: exposure to violence, neglect, abuse, or poverty can play a major role in plunging one into depression.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

But, Why Africa?

Africa is currently plagued by a plethora of environmental issues such as low literacy rate, high unemployment rate, increasing population density, violence, neglect, sexual abuse, low living standards, inaccessibility to good health care and food, and so on. If standards of living were to improve in Africa it will go a long to curbing the menace.

Dealing with depression

1. Medication: there are medications that can be subscribed to one who is going through illness. See a psychiatrist/doctor for prescription.

2. Psychotherapy: join forums and talk about issues and listen to motivating content.

3. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): This is a more severe treatment process and you would certainly need to see a doctor for this one.

Depression is real and it has crossed the African borders. You and I have a responsibility to kick it out by ensuring that everyone in your niche are mentally empowered.

TINK about the things you can do to help.