The non-alcoholic alcohol


Talk about breaking rules, changing status quo, and altering norms. Savanna cider is blazing a new trail in the food and drinks department with this “alcohol-less alcohol” innovation, The Savanna Lemon – really, ever heard of a non-alcoholic cider? If you are still in doubt, kindly look up the meaning of cider in your dictionary. So whether you agree or query the innovation as not being a cider, that’s still up for debate, however Savanna is using the innovation to satisfy the taste buds of the more conscious consumer – the growing health conscious African consumer. This takes away the anxiety and paranoia that comes from looking for that drink that best fits your dietary plans yet leaves with that cider taste without alcohol.

We have seen more and more people take to fitfam, organic food consumption, and restrain themselves from consuming little or too much alcohol all in a view to stay healthy and lead a long and vibrant life. All this is good but Savanna is TINKing, that there are too many things in Africa to be worried about and what you drink shouldn’t be one of them.

Source: Bizcommunity

Source: Bizcommunity

To bring this innovation to life, Savanna launched Savanna Lemon with an integrated marketing campaign where it challenges consumers to break the rules. Because when you drink alcohol, you’re confined by rules – social rules, law-enforced rules, even rules that you give yourself. And let’s face it: rules are no fun. This campaign is brought to life in the new Savanna Non-Alcoholic Lemon advert, which showcases the most unlikely characters challenging the norms of where a non-alcoholic cider should be consumed – The Bizcommunity.

“We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to corrupt the apple and bring to life products and ideas consumers will love,” says Annette Grootboom, Global Brand Development Manager for Savanna, “The great thing about Savanna Non-Alcoholic Lemon is that it tastes like cider, which allows people to make a lot more choices – and break a lot more rules.”

So if you plan to have a good time and don’t want to feel those headaches that come from a hangover best grab a bottle of Savanna Lemon.

Battle for the Eardrums


Source: Dreamstime

Source: Dreamstime

It’s a bright and sunny day on any particular day of the week as it is every other day in tropical Africa when it is not a rainy season – one of the predominant seasons in Africa. Still nursing hopes of beholding a snow flake fall through the African skies but loving the African weather just the way it is, we wake up every morning to a hot or cold shower, say a prayer – most of Africa is very religious, get dressed, and head out to conquer the world. Although, we often stop at the door, walk back into the house to pick up a vital accessory we nearly forgot - the earpiece.

The earpiece wearing trend in Africa has become a culture, a way of life that has eaten deep into the society. I remember riding the bus onetime and realized that nearly every single person sitting in the bus had their earpiece on. Although, the elderly in the society frown at it out of concern for their ears but the massive youthful population housed in Africa have almost entirely embraced the culture. You’ll find people on the streets, at homes, or in their offices (places where they do business) wearing an ear plug.

Source: Marketing donut

Source: Marketing donut

This culture is largely buoyed by the love for contemporary African music, the need to speak to friends, loved ones, and business partners while driving, the need to get the best out of video calls, and the shear need of wanting to be alone or cut one’s self out of the presence of others in order to concentrate.

This culture has given rise to a growing market which has made audio music providers such as Deezer, Boomplay, Apple music, Samsung music, Spotify, and so on very popular. As a result these audio music providers or platforms are in a battle to deepen their market share on the African soil, deploying exemplary marketing strategies to win the fight for the eardrums.

However, the side effects to wearing earpieces may include tinnitus (noise in ear), hyperacusis, ear infection, pains, loss of hearing, or worse, affect the brains. In as much as we may not be able to abandon the trend we should devise healthier means of using our beloved earpieces to prevent any of these side effects from occurring.

Creation, Collaboration, and Community – 3Cs You Must Never Forget


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

My father used to tell me that everyone is selling something whether they realize it or not. Which is why reputation management is a big deal for many people everywhere in the world. You are either selling a product, a service, or your personality, and interestingly, the whole world is your market place. Technology has made it a lot easier for you to reach this market with the use of social media. However, there are 3Cs you must master to win in this market.

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

1. Creation

Your ability to create engaging and authentic content is the pulse of your business. Someone ones said “if social media is the heart, then content is the blood”. Great content will keep your business alive, relevant, and fresh in the minds of your target audience.

2. Collaboration

If you can make it on your own, partner. The saying “no one is an island” will never stop being true. There are certain contents, platforms, or engagement you may want to curate but you neither have the funds, expertise, nor the audience to do so; partnership becomes imperative. Join hands with people or outfits that have the ability to do what you want and get it done.

3. Community

Ever heard the word “influencers” before? These guys have a healthy community converging around them. There are times you may want to join forces with these influencers in order to reach and create a niche for your business. Your own group of customers who are interested in the personality of your brand.

These 3 activities help you optimize your strategy, create the right marketing mix that will compel your community to take action, and also foster loyalty – everything a business wants.

So what are you going to do now? That, I will leave for you to answer.

The Battle for Sustainability

Brands are tumbling over themselves to find that big idea that will ensure sustainability


Before you read this article, I want to say something to you – Brace Yourself. Hence forth, one thing you are likely going to see is plethora of new brands/products or new activities from leading and emerging brands. They are going to be so much it is likely going to plague you; loyalty, character, and a good name would save some brands in this emerging market. This is all as a result of the quest for sustainability.


This quest is the reason for the new buzz word the marketing industry has added to its vocabulary – future proof. Every brand wants to create that killer product, execute that award winning strategy, or run that amazing campaign in a view to ensure that consumers can tell them apart from their closest competitors. This is increasingly important because as new products begin to flood the market, your brand identity might just be the life boat you need otherwise the flood might sink your ship.

This trend is largely visible in many parts of Africa and you may have or haven’t noticed.

Marketers, business owners and brand managers are beginning to pull out every last trick in the marketing communications manual; and in this battlefield only the best of strategies will win.