Super Power or Survival Strategy



These days every African is seemingly unapologetically conscious of his or her resources especially finances and they guard it jealously. Which is why whenever they want to make a purchase, the commodity with more value for money wins the choice battle. As a result of this growing consciousness among individuals, there is, therefore, steep competition in virtually every facet of business. For the sake of this article, we will be looking into the creative industry and the new survival strategy among the ones they call “Creatives a.k.a Designers”.

Currently, the creative industry has seen more and more of its designers dabble with photography as they are compelled to go the extra mile to deliver more value on the job as such, they’ve taken on photography – talk about secret superpowers. Do you want to survive in this creative jungle? You need to bring something other than great knowledge of all the design suites, you need a great eye for colours and images, hence photography. The knowledge of light composition and style adds a different kind of spice to your work.


In terms of delivering value;

The gaping hole between designing and having the right images

Ever tried to search for African photos online? Daunting. I thought this was a joke as the internet is supposedly an archive of photos but try searching for photos of Africans doing something specific, you’ll almost not find. As more designers venture into photography with their knowledge of the specific needs of the creative industry, I am hopeful that soon we’ll close this gap.

Images are expensive

Trying to put together a photo session or even buy an image off of some stock site can be relatively expensive. In a view to deliver value and earn more, designers may take the pictures themselves and this way they’ll seamlessly get the right kind of image they desire.

The spicy ingredient

Designers with a relatively good knowledge of photography tend to put out better work as well as photographers with a relatively good knowledge of designing. The two go hand-in-hand (a couple).


Africans With Benefits


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Ever seen a home that cooks dinner and immediately after it is ready, it serves it on a platter and then takes the meal outside to be consumed by total strangers? Yeah this almost never happens, when it actually does, the home would have first ensured that the immediate inhabitants have a full belly or theirs’ are already stored away. Well Africa is like that home that cooks dinner and immediately takes it out to everyone else but those in house. Over the years we have seen African resources being shipped off to other countries and then later shipped back to us for example Nigeria’s oil, Ghana’s gold, South Africa’s platinum, Sierra Leone’s diamonds and so on.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

However, the new business strategy being adopted within the shores of Africa is ensuring that the goodness of Africa is first felt within Africa and by Africans; the rest of the world can make do with whatever we give them.

Africa seeks to ensure it continually grows in strength, financial stature, and competitive innovations. Therefore it is important that the continent begins to look inward to tap from its inherent resources. This is going to improve the business landscape for entrepreneurs and business owners alike.