The Future of Food


Source: Diaspora Kitchen

Source: Diaspora Kitchen

Did you know, today, worldwide, for every malnourished person, there are two people who are obese or overweight? 868 million undernourished people and 1.5 billion obese or overweight people globally – according to Eating in 2030: trends and perspectives 2018 report. Guess where the highest concentration of malnourished people reside, yes your guess is obviously as good as mine. Africa remains the continent with the highest prevalence of undernourished people in the world. Affecting almost 21% of the population (more than 256 million people), South America follows immediately after with 5% in 2017, and fewer in Northern America and Europe with 2.5%, according to the state of food security and nutrition in the world 2018 report.

Did you know 36 million people die every year from lack of food and 29 million people from too much food globally? This is a perfect case of choosing your demon, would you rather die from the lack of or too much food? My answer is neither.

And did you know one-third of all food produced worldwide is made for feeding livestock? In addition, a growing share of agricultural land is used for the production of biofuel. This means we are choosing to feed both animals and automobiles instead of people (Eating in 2030: trends and perspectives 2018 report).

Also, did you know every year 1.3 billion tons of perfectly edible food is wasted, while 868 million people suffer from hunger globally? This is the state of food in the world at the moment, we are likely headed for hunger, aren’t we?

Source: Video Blocks

Source: Video Blocks

Right now there’s so much conversation about the importance of food, which is why we see an increasing number of Africans adopting health consciousness and consuming more organic food as opposed to the synthesized meals. However, following the obvious trend of emotional eating the conversation would soon shift from the importance of food to the importance of healthy eating. People are anxious with weight loss and as such take up unhealthy dietary plans that do more harm than good. The growing scale of depression and emotional ill health in Africa is causing people to find solace in food without much care of the composition of what they put in their mouths.

The future of food is seemingly bleak but the great part is, it can be salvaged. We do not have to adopt the knee jerk approach where we have to wait for the future to come before we implement measures to deal with it.


What can we do?

  • Use the high interconnectedness that currently exists among people to disseminate information around the importance of healthy eating.

  • Institutions should promote the adoption of lifestyles and eating habits that favor the consumption of foods that contribute to a healthy diet and have less impact on the eco-system of the planet

  • The industry should focus more on promoting the purchase of healthy foods and use balanced price leverage to discourage the use of junk food

  • Strategies should be deployed to encourage people to find the space and time to devote to meals in the company of other people. This way they are motivated to eat healthier meals.

  • More so, the food industry must continue to develop new forms of convenience foods that have a high level of nutrition

Gym Frenzy


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Yeah we know that you only live once, but no one want to die young. Everyone wants to stay healthy and strong to live to a ripe old age. This is birthed by the recent style of communication coming from brands –it’s true and it’s also very effective as Africans have been thrown into gym frenzy. Every brand is trying to reach the healthy conscious consumer; the one who is conscious about the kind of food he/she eats and also the amount of time spent in the gym.

Is it me or is the whole of Africa beginning to turn gyms into meeting points. At my office yesterday, two of my colleagues couldn’t finish a particular conversation so they ended the part A with “don’t worry let’s meet at the gym”. My sister wakes up very early every morning only so she can hit the gym before going to work, my friends meet at the gym for a quick work out –only on evenings when there is no soccer game (we love soccer). I couldn’t be the one left out of the trend, so as I write this piece, I have my new pair of gym shoes (unboxed) on my table.

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

This trend is causing brands and marketers to employ healthier ways of production and cleaner ways of distribution as products which are rumored to be unhealthy will die out of the market.

Whether this trend was born from the quest of acquiring 6 packs, a great body, or health reasons, it’s totally up to you to decide. For the records, whatever the reason(s) is/are, you are doing the right thing.