Bringers of Tomorrow


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Source: Pexels

When I was younger, there was this line that people used to say and it was a line in an old song “parents listen to your children, they are the leaders of tomorrow”. Interestingly, that sentence is an understatement, the truth is, they are not just the leaders of tomorrow; they are the bringers of tomorrow. This truth is beginning to stare us right in the face across the continent, no matter how the elderly tries to knock it off.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

If you still don’t see what I see, here are a few factors to consider that may help;

1. Population:

I am sure you already agree with me that population is steadily rising in Africa at an alarming rate. The Goal Keepers 2018 report shows that Africa is the only region in the world where the youth population is increasing. Also highlighting that by 2050 the youth population in Africa would rise by 50%, which would make it the largest youth population in the world.

2. Industry:

Nearly every organization you walk into in Africa now have a healthy youth working population. Although Africa has its inherent employment issues but new life is beginning to pour into the economy because of this healthy youth population.

3. Fashion and Popculture:

The extensive growth Africa has seen in its fashion and entertainment industry has been due to the involvement of this youth population. Off the top of your head, name 8 A-list entertainers in Africa or your country and then count the number that falls under the youth population category. Do you see what I mean?

4. Tech:

This right here is has totally become the youth playground. New apps and inventions that’s totally disrupting every facet of the economy are springing forth on a daily basis, because young people have chosen to improve the standards.

5. Politics:

The influx of young people into the continent is forcing politics to accommodate them. In Nigeria, a #NotTooYoungToRun policy has been passed into bill. This policy allows young people to vie for public offices.

6. Marketing advertising:

Brand managers and marketers are falling over themselves trying to understand the evolving consumer. Just recently they mastered marketing to millennials and now they are faced with another challenge of marketing to the Generation I. the future is really upon us.

7. Sports:

Needless to talk about this as it is definitely the playground of the young.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

As a result of these points highlighted above, Africa is tending towards spending big to invest in its youth population in order to secure legacy and improve its intellectual arsenal.

P.S: What is actually leading to the exponential rise in youth population in Africa; are young people giving birth too early and too frequently these days? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

Just TINKing



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Source: Unsplash

I have found out that Africans are naturally powerful people, which is why we tend to dominate any environment we find ourselves. However, it is due to this trait Africans have that causes us to embrace fashion trends that accentuates this characteristic.

Back in the day, ladies wouldn’t even dare to think of getting a haircut let alone going the extra mile of actually getting it. This fresh new trend is making the hair of many ladies breathe again. I particularly, am a fan of the bald look; the thing is, I have a thing for ladies who cut their hair. I think it’s daring, sexy, and ultimately alluring. The baldie-locks has a way of locking the attention of people each time a lady walks by rocking the look.

The baldie locks look isn’t being rocked by only ladies, men also have chosen to get rid of all the thick dark curls taking up space of the beautiful scalps.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

The look is often times accompanied by big earrings and dark bold shades – to give it the mean feel. Some people have said that they are in love with the baldie-locks mainly because it is very easy to maintain and it accentuates jewellery, body shape, and outfits. While some others have said that they chose the look because they thought they’d look fabulous in it and it turned out they were actually correct.

The baldie-locks has now become a common sight on the streets of Africa, runways, television shows, and social media pictures.

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

If this trend continues, what would it mean for the hair industry?

It surely would mean a drop in the sale of weavons and hair attachments and a huge boost in the sale of wigs for women. However, I think this is one trend that sweeps the continent for a brief moment and everything goes back to the way they used to be, but if for any reason it doesn’t go away in a hurry, hair marketers and brands should diversify their businesses into production of wigs (head coverings) and also baldie-locks treatments. Your customers would love you.

Let me go join the trend; getting tired of my hair already.

8 Trends that Rocked 2018

2018 Was Undoubtedly A Great Year And Here Are Few Trends We Spotted That Really Gave The Year Some Oomph

Source:  Pexels

Source: Pexels

I particularly loved my job as a trend watcher in 2018, I saw quite a number of things unfold and happily brought them to your notice. As a result of these trends, people had different experiences in the year, some were good, other were bad, and some others were in-between. So without further ado, here are 8 trends that rocked 2018.

1. Music

Africa got tired of the norm and embraced a different genre of music – alternative music. It’s beautiful to listen to as the lyrics deals with the inherent experiences within the continent and sung in our beautifully refreshing accent.

2. Movies

The beauty about Africans is our quest to always do something better and Hollywood sparked that fire with the release of the Black Panther movie. This put some springs in our steps and increased our pride in our nativity. And so the indigenous movie industry; Nollywood went ahead to make history with the release of the movies King of Boys (currently Africa’s highest ever grossing movie), and Lions Heart (A movie by Genevieve Nnaji that made it to Netflix).

3. Mergers

2018 saw a trend that wasn’t just evident in Africa but globally. We saw quite a number of organizations consolidate in order to make greater impact in their respective industries by delivering value to their consumers.

4. Influencer Marketing

Marketing wasn’t left out of the speedy changes happening across the African landscape. We spotted a few more people attain the influencer status riding on the Instagram platform. Influencers have made it a lot easier for brands to immediately connect with their intended consumers.

5. Feminism

Oh this one shook the world and held Africa by the collar, as a result, Africa is strongly looking into women inclusion in every facet of the economy.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

6. Sports

So the world cup happened this year and we saw France clench the title, better yet we saw the technology – Visual Assistant Referee (VAR) used during the tournament. This technology disrupted the world of sports and enhanced decision making on and off the pitch and has been embraced in league games across the world.

7. Tech

Technology has been extensively helpful in 2018 as we saw the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially on mobile devices and financial institutions e.g Siri for Apple, Brixbi & Google assistant for Android, Neo for UBA bank, Ada for Diamond bank etc.

8. Global Citizen

There was many talks about how we are no longer distant but now interconnected as we are all global citizens. So no matter which continent of the world you live in, we are all citizens of one country – the World.

There you have it, these trends rocked 2018 and if you TINK we missed any, hit us up in the comment box below and we will be sure to update.

Oh and yes, thank you for sticking around all year round, we are going to have a trendy 2019 together.

Christmas Fever


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

It’s holiday, it’s yuletide, it’s Christmas and there’s a number of trends to spot. This definitely is a fun article for all of us because we undoubtedly love this season, and here are the trends that make it so?


We saw gifts/presents exchange hands all across the continent. Africans love to give and be given, nothing really brings as much joy as the thought that a brother is thinking about you enough to give you something nice. Christmas gives us all an opportunity to share something with one another.

Chicken and lots of food

My condolences to all those beautiful birds who had to pass on to make Christmas day a beauty, as it was nothing short of a feast.


Happiness is an emotion that exudes from within and Christmas was all smiles, the joy the gathering and family and friends bring.

Friends and families

What is Christmas without this lot? I think that that’s the reason for the season; a time with friends and family. Share the hugs, the fun, the memory, the feast and the gifts.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

We are sure to see these trends again next year but until then, do have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Many shoes in one


Ki Ecobe which will only be launched on the completion of the kickstarter project which is $20,023 gone on $30,000. It is a "KI ecobe is a self-assembled modular shoe that uses no toxic adhesives. The end user assembles the shoe making the manufacturing process much less labor intensive." 

KI ecobe allows the consumer to express his or her character by selecting materials and colors and custom building their own shoe on our online store.

With 10,125 shoe combinations with straps, boots, out-soles & in-soles, laces and an easily washable feature with the machine and being able to convert from shoe to slippers in an instant; KI ecobe is selling more than just the dreams of being able to wear one shoe in so many ways but with ease and comfort.