How Do You Listen To Music?



Tap your feet, nod you head, hum a beat, and dance on the streets, nobody seems to be walking straight these days – there’s either a tune in their heads or a beat in their steps. Coupled with the growing culture of headphones in Africa it just seems like a no brainer for this trend to take center stage. The way we consume music in Africa has obviously evolved and it’s certainly exciting. I sincerely can’t remember the last time me or any of my colleagues didn’t use a music streaming platform to enjoy great African music.

Listening to music used to be limited to turning on your radio, or the tv set, or downloading it on your device so you can share and also listen at a time of your choosing but right now we can stream it. These music streaming platforms have become increasing popular among the younger generations (millennials and generation z) as it is forming a large part of their lifestyle. These young people use these platforms to gain recognition in terms of followership and acceptability, make some money (some of these platforms pay you for streaming original content), have a good time, and stay up-to-date with entertainment trends.

Source: Vactualpapers

Source: Vactualpapers

Digital music streaming platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, Mtn Music +, Apple music, Habari, Boomplay, and so on have taken advantage of the rise in earphones culture, the increased penetration of smart devices, strong and affordable data, and a healthy youthful population in Africa to build a multi-million dollar business.


It now seems ancient to just download songs to your device to listen or share, now we stream it. Music has always been the pulse of any vibrant community and it has found a way to be a part of our daily routine as it thrives on the back of these digital streaming platforms. After music is made, we stream it to hear it – it’s a whole new experience.

As a result, music producers and artists have adopted the digital first strategy – launching their work on digital media before going on traditional platforms - as they are certainly going to reach a larger number of Africans in so little time.

Like they say “content is king” therefore digital is the King Maker and if music is the beat, then music streaming platforms are the heart.