Moving to the Movies


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Source: Unsplash

So January just ended like 2 days ago and February is beaming its light of love upon each one of us. However, 2019 is yet to start as far as I am concerned because it is yet to deliver on its entertainment promises. If you are movie lover you would immediately get where this is going.

In 2018 there was quite a buzz around movies to look forward, now this is 2019 and the anxiety is up to my gut and it’s about to jump out of my throat and I speak not for myself alone but for the love of Africans as we are still basking in the euphoria of the block buster movie – Black Panther.

There are so many movies to see this year and soon Africans would be moving to the movies. We would literally carry our blankets and water bottles to the cinemas as soon as these movies hit the screens.

These are the movies I remember and i’m looking forward to; so feel free to add the movie you are waiting for in the comment section below.

  1. Spiderman - Far From Home

2. Lion King

3. Game of Thrones - Season 8

4. Avengers 4 - End Game

5. Glass

6. Dumbo

7. Men in Black 4

8. Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw

9. Madeas Family Funeral

So are you with me on this one?



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Source: Pexels

In the world we currently live in, we are all looking for that next big thing we can all take advantage of that will likely deliver the desired value. Over the past few years, we have seen a plethora of marketing strategies get implemented; some worked and some didn’t. Also, we have seen marketing communications evolve over time for the same reasons.

One very recent marketing inclusion that’s sweeping across the business landscape is the Influencer Marketing – Is this the future or not?

Source: Eveyo

Source: Eveyo

Based on thorough analysis, influencer marketing has been an age old practice as celebrities have always been used to promote products, services, and events all over the globe. However, what’s new is the use of popular social media personalities to promote same. The latter has proven to be equally effective as these influencer have a relationship with their niche audience and they seemingly gain their trust.

Influencer marketing is arguably the future of marketing in Africa and the only way we can take that away is to permanently shut down social media platforms and every other form of media so we no longer make celebrities out of people. Although there are newer marketing channels to be unveiled in the nearest future but the influencer marketing channel would continually remain open.

If you disagree or have an opinion that will further strengthen this, kindly share. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Trends of The Future


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Source: Unsplash

Before I begin this article I want to say a Happy New Year to all our faithful readers. We do what we do because we know that it’s useful to you, thank you for keeping us going. 2018 was definitely an amazing year but as it comes to a close it heralds the coming of an even more exciting year. Stick around while we walk through the year holding each other’s hand.

In this article we have put together 10 trends you are sure to see in 2019.

1. Female inclusion

2019 is surely going to see a huge influx of women into more and more facets of the African economy. The feminists have only just begun; more movements promoting women rights and inclusion are sure to take the airwaves.

2. Upped antae

What we saw in the entertainment industry in 2018 was a tip off the iceberg compared to what we are poised to see in 2019. Music and movies are going to take it up a notch with picture quality, story lines and everything else that contributes to putting out great work.

3. Worsened or Improved Traffic

We know the curse of developing countries (which nearly every country in Africa is) is terrible traffic; gridlocks here and there. In 2019, the governments are going to either take a deliberate action in getting rid of this problem or allow it plunge into utter chaos.

4. Technological advancements

In 2018 we saw the rise of artificial technology and financial technology; I can’t even to reveal to you the magnitude of things brewing in this sector. Guess I’d just let you see for yourself as they unfold.

5. Healthier dinning

In 2018 we saw the rise of the health conscious consumer. With that established, in 2019 we are set to see every consumer become genuinely health conscious and this definitely will sky rocket the sale of vegetables. So if you are into the veggie market, 2019 is going to be an explosive year for you.

6. Seriously fitfam

Beyond individual decisions to keep fit, organizations and schools are going to take this a little more seriously to cater for the physical and mental well-being of staff and students respectively.

7. Exploding marketing creativity

Creativity certainly tipped the scale in 2018 and 2019 is going to be much more explosive. Marketing communications will be a little more aggressive and creatives will be more exciting. Wait for it, you’ll see it in the malls, on the road, tv, radio, and everywhere else you go.

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

8. Battle for influencer marketing

2018 saw many millennials open a new stream of income known as influencer marketing. Using social media platforms, a couple of individuals have given brands and marketers the ability to immediately engage with consumers. 2019 is going to see a ton of battles to attain such status in Africa and also maintain the large influx of cash.

9. Sporty action

This one is certainly my favourite and I don’t have to tell you why. In 2019 we are going to have the African cup of Nations (AFCON) and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Just so you know, South Africa qualified for the first time to this tournament; the Bayana Bayana are surely going to put up a fantastic show.

10. Increased middle class

No one wants to stay at a spot for too long; in 2019 we are going to see an increase in the middle class as many Africans are going to work tirelessly to improve their livelihood. This is good because we are sure to see new businesses spring up, which means more entrepreneurs, more employment, and income.

Well, there you have it, 2019 in focus.

If you TINK we missed out on any, kindly let us know in the comment section below and during the course of the year, if you spot a trend, kindly hit us up and we will publish it.

Have your best year yet!

Everyone is a Celebrity


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

I was talking to a lady a couple of days ago and she was really upset about what had happened to her and before the end of the conversation she was so excited, her joy knew no bounds. So this is what happened, I’m sure your eyes are already itching to read a good story, well, don’t hold your breath.

The lady had used an online platform to purchase a particular product and a few minutes she was upset that she was over charged, then she called the customer service line she saw on the product case and they listened attentively to her as she lodged her complaint. A few minutes later, they sent her a detailed apology and refunded the difference. This gave her so much joy and she is loyal to the brand at the moment because she believes she can trust them. This story may sound unrealistic to you due to the part of Africa you live in, but trust this is a true life story.

It has become obvious that marketing has transformed and adopted the “Everyone is a celebrity” philosophy. They now know everyone wants to be treated right, respected, adored, and most importantly, don’t want to feel swindled. So instead of employing countless strategies –that may not work – all in a view to ensure customers are loyal to you, all you need do is treat us like a celebrity and we will continually visit your stores no matter where we are.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Restaurants, taxi services, banks, fast moving consumer goods and so on are speedily jumping on this trend and recording a great deal of success. They may not be able to afford bodyguard for customers to usher them around but they are insisting on treating them right.

So if you are yet to board this train, I’m sorry to announce to you that the train has already left you and if you are fast enough, you may just be able to catch up.