Marketing and Sales; A Blurred Line Armed with Artificial Intelligence



So, me and a couple of my colleagues got into an argument about the differences between sales and marketing and we argued about which was more important. We eventually agreed that they both had their place as they both are important, however, the line that separates them is gradually being blurred out as AI is helping both end of the stick achieve same results in the same time frame. Marketers and salesmen would both be able to build brands over time and also make sales immediately as they are now armed with artificial intelligence.

AI does a couple of things but here are a few;

Data acquisition: one area artificial intelligence (AI) has been able to get right over the years is collecting data. Data has always been a holy grail for both marketers and salesmen as it helps with predicting the next point of action, purchase, and effective marketing strategy to deploy.

Automate repetitive tasks: in marketing there are certain tasks that are repetitive and trust me, they can be extremely daunting to undertake every now and then. AI allows you the opportunity to be more efficient and increases your productivity by availing you the opportunity to focus on more important tasks. A report by Mckinsey further buttresses this point as they say nearly 45% of tasks can be automated to achieve the afore mentioned benefits.


Create a great consumer experience: what do consumers want? Many times, they want to save time, time is money, they say. Consumers want a vendor that can be swift and equally efficient. The more your brand or organization spends a lot of time dealing with mundane issues the more at risk you are to lose your consumer to your competition who is more agile. AI helps your organization attain agility quicker as it will deal with “mundane” issues while your staff can focus on dealing with consumers who require a more human approach to cater for their need.

Although AI is increasingly becoming the more intelligent with every new update it still doesn’t take away certain processes from staff. To adopt the right AI solution, you or a member of staff must devote sometime to brand audit – understand your strengths and weaknesses, also know what your competition is doing. Next, decisively outline what the desired AI tool should achieve and then adopt one.

In this age where the lines between marketing and sales are getting blurred with each passing second every marketer or salesman must be armed with AI to win.



Source: morning advertiser

Source: morning advertiser

Every morning, I wake up with one question on my mind, “can you live without technology?” and each time, I reply myself saying an emphatic “NO”. It is a no brainer actually because everything around us is more or less powered by technology, from our phones, to our cars, to our homes, our toilets, the internet and so on, but if you think you can live without technology for at least one week please comment “YES I CAN” in the comment section below.

Some twenty-something years ago, It must have been so difficult to get a message across to someone who lived in a different city. I’m sure this is where the discouragement for long distance relationships began as it must have been emotionally daunting to think that you’d neither see nor speak to a loved one due to distance. Well, thankfully this is all rapidly changing with the fast paced advancement of technology in our society.

Now businesses have seized the use of technology to open up a new portal which is seamlessly trending in the heavily competitive Nigerian economic landscape. Every business is seemingly jumping on the bandwagon of Artificial Technology (AI) and it is insane to know the mind joggling things brewing in this playing field.

The Nigerian banking industry is in no doubt a fore runner in this space as it is powered by the zeal to continually develop and optimize designs to be user friendly and deliver an amazing banking experience, regardless of where a customer resides within the shores of the country. In order to adequately achieve this, banks have explored a large number of technological options and are taking it up a notch using artificial technology (AI). Nearly every bank now has a virtual banker for its millions of customers across the country. For example UBA’s Leo, Diamond’s Ada are currently leading this space.

This adaptation is fast and efficient as it treats every customer optimally; addressing needs such as instant replies, airtime purchase, bill payments, stock trading, money transfers and so on. It is not encumbered by number of customers it has to attend to at a time, nor is it affected by emotional agitations from customers, fatigue, forgetfulness and other cases that may arise from dealing with humans. Although older generations are having difficulty adapting to modern technology, younger generations are increasingly jumping on the bandwagon. 

Also, in the mobile phone industry there is Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, Google assistant and in the advertising industry; there’s Publicis groupe’s Marcel. This definitely brings to life all those futuristic movies we watched back in the day, especially Will Smith’s iRobot.

Source: Inverse

Source: Inverse

The use of Artificial Intelligence is proving to be the future of business and is gradually taking the country by storm. With the increased growth of ecommerce, more intelligent smart phones, easy access to cheap and affordable data, we are sure to see a vehement total takeover of the economy by technology. I hope that someday I’d be able to say “hey Siri, make my lunch” while I sit and get served with a delicious hot plate of whatever I desire. That’ll certainly be nice.

Source: Jeffudency

Source: Jeffudency

But, is it just me or is technology and developers having some kind of Pinky and the Brain type of conversation? I can just imagine this convo;
Technology: Hey Developer, what are we going to do tonight?
Developer: same thing we do every night Technology, try to take over the world.
Because it’s astounding how technology has crept into every facet of the world, enhancing user experience and improving accessibility; although AI has its lapses but like everything else, it is work in progress.