Tech Has Come For Your Wrist


Source: Lexington Broadcast Services Company / Via

Source: Lexington Broadcast Services Company / Via

I am of the opinion that the amazing tech innovations of tomorrow are products of the thoughts of wild thinkers of yesterday. We have seen tech take every facet of life, heck it is nearly impossible to live through a day without having some level of interaction with one gadget or the other. Now, tech has come for our wrists and like everything else, we would gladly give.

Do you remember Penny from the 80’s blockbuster cartoon Inspector Gadget? The cartoon was really big at the time as it seemed impossible for one person to be so resourceful, Penny’s watch made her so.

She could make video calls, send texts, shoot laser beams, detect radioactivity, pull down doors, and so on – only 80’s children may be able to relate. My point is, her watch could do more than tell time. This is what the big tech companies like Apple and Samsung have brought into today’s world. Being stereotyped has never really been fun, everything should be able to do more. I mean, there are cars that do more than take you from place to place; they literally give you an experience – look out world, thanks to Tesla we are beginning to see the age of driverless cars (as seen in Sylvester Stalone and Wesley Snipes’ Demolition Man) take center stage, we will begin to look forward to the age of the flying cars (as seen in Back to the Future and Star Wars).


I am an ultra-mega fan of wristwatches, therefore this type of innovation excites me. Although this is a growing trend globally, it is becoming really huge in Africa especially Nigeria and it’s speedily becoming a culture. You and I know that sometimes it’s difficult to ignore certain calls and messages because your phone is almost always in your hand, now you could just take a glance at your wrist and choose whether or not to take a call, or even seamlessly reply a text. You could record voice, calculate, go through social media, connect to other devices like your phone, car, speakers and so much more all on your wrist – tell me about technology that excites.

I bet that when you were younger you always wanted to play spy maybe James Bond, well you may be older now but here’s your chance.


So what does this mean? Why are we even paying attention to this?

First of all, we are TINK Africa, Africa’s trend spotting pop culture academy, we, therefore, spot the trends and make it easier for you to take advantage of them. Next, it provides a wealth of opportunities for brands and businesses to deploy more personalized digital strategies to effectively target their desired audience.

The smartwatch culture is gaining the wrists because people want an experience tailor-made for them and that’s something the smartwatch delivers effectively. Back in the day, we were all comfortable just having phones until they started becoming smart, now it’s no longer enough to have a wristwatch, question is, what can your wristwatch do? Is it smart?

Battle for the Eardrums


Source: Dreamstime

Source: Dreamstime

It’s a bright and sunny day on any particular day of the week as it is every other day in tropical Africa when it is not a rainy season – one of the predominant seasons in Africa. Still nursing hopes of beholding a snow flake fall through the African skies but loving the African weather just the way it is, we wake up every morning to a hot or cold shower, say a prayer – most of Africa is very religious, get dressed, and head out to conquer the world. Although, we often stop at the door, walk back into the house to pick up a vital accessory we nearly forgot - the earpiece.

The earpiece wearing trend in Africa has become a culture, a way of life that has eaten deep into the society. I remember riding the bus onetime and realized that nearly every single person sitting in the bus had their earpiece on. Although, the elderly in the society frown at it out of concern for their ears but the massive youthful population housed in Africa have almost entirely embraced the culture. You’ll find people on the streets, at homes, or in their offices (places where they do business) wearing an ear plug.

Source: Marketing donut

Source: Marketing donut

This culture is largely buoyed by the love for contemporary African music, the need to speak to friends, loved ones, and business partners while driving, the need to get the best out of video calls, and the shear need of wanting to be alone or cut one’s self out of the presence of others in order to concentrate.

This culture has given rise to a growing market which has made audio music providers such as Deezer, Boomplay, Apple music, Samsung music, Spotify, and so on very popular. As a result these audio music providers or platforms are in a battle to deepen their market share on the African soil, deploying exemplary marketing strategies to win the fight for the eardrums.

However, the side effects to wearing earpieces may include tinnitus (noise in ear), hyperacusis, ear infection, pains, loss of hearing, or worse, affect the brains. In as much as we may not be able to abandon the trend we should devise healthier means of using our beloved earpieces to prevent any of these side effects from occurring.

What’s up with WhatsApp?


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

I love social media; there’s always something interesting that comes in every now and then. This is why I actually love to update my apps every single time there is a pop up. We cool like that.

And to demonstrate how interesting social media has become, WhatsApp, the leading chat engine, currently valued at over $442.1 billion and with over 1.5 billion users as of 2017 has now decided to include a couple more features.

According to a report released by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has decided to include silent mode and vacation mode to the app. According to the revelation Silent Mode is already active on all WhatsApp accounts. With this feature enabled you no longer see how many muted messages you have received whenever you enter the app. However, Vacation Mode is still in the works and will work with archived chats that have also been muted. Currently, when you archive or mute a chat on WhatsApp, you’ll still see the chats when you go back into the app. With Vacation Mode, your archived chats that are muted will remain invisible. This means that, soon, the only time you’ll see your archived conversations is when you actually want to.

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

So ladies you can now actually really truly mute that stalker that just won’t quit bugging you.

Furthermore, WABetaInfo also hints that WhatsApp is working on developing a Linked Accounts option for Business and standard users; this means that soon you will be able to integrate other social media platforms such as Instagram to your account. How great is that? So turn on your notification because soon you’ll be required to update your app once again.



Source: Automotive99

Source: Automotive99

Lagos day-to-day hustle, crowed over-head bridges, cars and buses speeding without even looking at both sides for citizens crossing; when will this madness end? That’s the unanswered question, I frequently ask myself. The major question my inquisitive colleagues at work ask me is; when am I acquiring my own ride? Well, that’s a critical discussion for another ridiculous day. Let me not bore you with my automobile-less status. I am actually a big fan of the BUGATTI brand; most especially the recent model, BUGATTI CHIRON; exclusive sound free radiator, electronic control, maximum speed and sexy interiors to die for. It’s the fastest yet most powerful, sophisticated, technologically designed super sport car ever created. It was designed to the meet possible demands in terms of comfort, unique style, luxury and everyday durability and easy convenience. Based on research, it was uniquely created to endure value and a breathtaking automotive accomplishment.

Source: Techspot

Source: Techspot

Few months ago, the famous LEGO Building Bricks and Bugatti Sport Cars collaborated to build the perfect ultimate super-car model to look exactly like the magical Bugatti Chiron using the LEGO Technic elements called LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron. It was made to drive using only LEGO powered function motors. This mind-blowing ride was unveiled about a month ago. The LEGO Bugatti Chiron’s engine generated 5.3 horse power.

The collaboration led to putting together passionate, well dedicated team of 16 specialists; including creative designers, mechanical and electrical professional experts, and used over 13, 000 constructed man-hours creating this innovative car, piece by piece. It was made with over a million Lego Technic elements, making it the first large scale movable developed model. This constructed car featured movable 16 cylinders with 8 functioning gears. This project was tagged “BUILD FOR REAL”.

Source: Lego

Source: Lego

Trust me, it’s incredibly astonishing. It has never happened in the History of Mankind, but with fast innovative technological intelligence, anything is possible. I was TINKING, why the sudden creation of this car? How were the creative designers and engineers able to overcome challenges recreating the Bugatti Chiron using lego technic? Will there be a continued plan to build more of this innovative car? Or is it just for antic purpose? Just TINKING of more questions I guess will never be answered.

Source: Lego

Source: Lego

The Resemblance of both CARS is STRIKING

Here are some comments from YouTube fans:

@PresidentOfEvilArts- They should make a spaceship for Trump and transport him to Mars.

@Jacky- This is the coolest LEGO Car.

@MarkCook- I am absolutely stunned. That’s incredible.

This is an intelligent way to inspire imagination and creativity for the FUTURE.

If they can TINK it, so can we. TINKERS never run out of Innovative ideas. TINK of how to reduce traffic in Lagos-Nigeria. Put on your TINKING caps.

Tech is Driving Unemployment


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

I am not an enemy of progress but the recent inventions we see these days are and will put many people out of jobs. This is up for argument but before you say anything in opposition, I ask you to read this article to the end. A friend of mine once told me that technology is taking all the jobs and I didn’t see what he meant until now. Note that technology is driving economical and financial advancement all over the world but it is poised to take many people out of jobs.

Alibaba, the world’ biggest e-commerce company, has launched a cashier-less wine storage and retail facility in its home city of Hangzhou. This innovation helps improve retail habits; however it enables shoppers to purchase wines by the case without paying with cash or interacting with any sales staff. So it’s high time we said goodbye to those hot young ladies that inspire us to buy more wines in the wine store, which means more ladies out of jobs. It’s not just Alibaba; some Chinese tech companies such as Alibaba’s rivals, Suning and BingoBox have launched their own versions of unmanned cashless stores in mainland China. You may say, “oh well, it’s just China”, don’t forget this is Africa, technological advancements in China don’t take long to cross the African borders.

According to the Miami Herald, Yotelpad, a 30-story building that's part hotel, part condominium, is employing three robot butlers for guests and residents. They can handle room service, bring extra towels, give directions, chat with guests and play music. They can even use the elevator and are also programmed to say different greetings and responses. A touchscreen on the device is enabled to show several facial expressions.

So, after reading this article and watching these videos, you tell me, is tech putting people out of jobs or not?

I for one would love to buy drinks from the automated store and have these robots make my bed but I still would love the human touch from time to time.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below. Let us know what you TINK?