What is Up with Linda Ikeji Social These Days?

via makeawebsitehub

via makeawebsitehub

Recently this has been the question following the social networking platform launched by the Top Nigerian Blogger and media Entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji. Late last year, November 1, 2016 to be precise, Linda launched her own social media network, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) - a platform built to combine personal blogging and social networking. LIS as a social media platform was built riding on the wing of the blogger’s massive successful blogging career and platform. LIS met a lot of buzz, applause and skepticism on arrival, so much so that platform gathered over 50,000 users on the first day of launch!

LIS Interface/ via lindaikejisocial 

LIS Interface/ via lindaikejisocial 

Lindaikeji’s blog strength in the Nigeria online media space has remained enviable and top-ranking through the decade, her move to translating the blog’s high traffic and following into a real time user interaction platform (LIS) makes sense, seeing as the blog’s comment section over the years grew into an impressive community, one that can only be seen on few platforms in Nigeria and Africa. Basically, LIS was almost just begging to happen. A simple dream to move those daily site visitors to LIS users was meant to roll out easily as users were to be enticed with News, Updates and Monetary/non-monetary incentives. Six months after launch, has things been rosy for LIS in Nigeria?

Though in the pre-launch and post-launch months, Linda invested in the online and offline marketing of the platform and even incentivized the product for users, today there has a been visible decline in marketing and this may be reflecting on the app acceptance, popularity and usage.

Nigeria as a country remains one the most active in internet usage and engagement in Africa, so one would have taught launching LIS in the continent’s “internet hub” would make things easy. With about 16 million active facebook users as at last month(April), Nigeria sits on top, ahead of many other countries in the continent on social media and internet use. This unignorable trend is seen across other popular social media platform. It’s easy to see that Nigerians are big online! Customer/User conversion was pointed out as many to be the problem to hinder LIS’ speedy acceptance as many Nigerians have already pitched their tents in popular social networking platforms. This meant a possible unwillingness to move to newer ones, and clearly not so easily with incentive baits.

Amongst Local Nigerian Platforms, Nairaland has arguably stood for the longest to be the most interactive platform and this may be because of how easy to use, simple and open it is. Being an open forum, users can say whatever they wanted, to whoever they wanted and however they wanted because of it’s easy open design. There are little to no implications for any kind of public interactions made (kind of similar to most blog comment sections), the general idea in most users’ head remain “if the kitchen gets too hot, you leave and return another day”. With LIS being built like the facebook interface, the “village square” setting of Nairaland could never apply as users were made to get profiles and anonymity became close to impossible. But beyond the interface and other technical setback (difficulty in logging in etc.) many have argued that LIS was not marketing enough.

LIS Interface/ Via lindaikejisocial

LIS Interface/ Via lindaikejisocial

Long and short, everyone knows the dust of excitement has settled and LIS may not be doing as good as many predicted. Looking at our similar past experiences with Google Plus and Google Hangout we are left with asking “LIS, what next?” Clearly, there maybe a need for major restructuring in marketing, design and general technical build.

On Techcabal’s Radar, an open online community of and for techies, the fate of LIS was recently discussed and no one could come up with any strong solution to save the platform.

We leave the question to you, does anybody know what’s up with LIS these days?

Dating Sites: Alive or dead in Nigeria?


Via evettedionne

Via evettedionne

It’s 2017 and dating sites are still a thing! Yes, you may not believe it but in Nigeria and perhaps Africa, dating sites still play a huge role in social interactions and connections. With a more individualistic culture in the west, random communal interactions barely happen especially among strangers or distant acquaintances. The reality of Nigeria today even in the face of insecurities have not affectedly drastically interaction among strangers and friends. People who do not know each other still say “Good morning” to themselves, a very solid Nigerian culture. People still reach out to random people and the existing communal culture of most African communities have not depreciated much. This unveils a clearly distant reality in the social atmosphere in Africa, one that vary widely from most other parts of the world. Though, social network platforms are shaking online dating media around the world are, online dating platforms have remained both tenacious and relevant in 2017. With popular social networking sites like facebook snatching about a little over 2 billion active monthly users; a significant percentage of the world's population, platforms like Match still boasts of a whooping estimated 35,000,000 site monthly site visit. 

Though social network platforms and dating sites are designed to aid connection and interaction of individuals from all over the world, there are some notable differences in structure and interaction approach. Social Networking sites are designed to help users find old friends, old classmates, colleagues, family etc as well as give some room for meeting new people. Under this design anything too forward may be considered inappropriate and might have you labelled or mislabeled as a stalker. On the other hand, Dating sites are designed specifically for strangers to find dates and perhaps scale up to build healthy relationships. Though both can play this same role, both function differently. Signing up on social networking sites and dating sites show a dividing line. While social networking sites allow for basic info on name, birthday, address, likes and dislikes etc, dating sites take users through long questionnaires and then position and group users by their preferences, likes, culture, race, religious sector, ethnicity and other detailed specifics. This feature relieves the user of the burden wallowing through an ocean of unwanted strangers. Lastly most dating sites serve a niche demography and some require some level of payment to grant users access, this on its own is a form of both security and exclusivity gateway.

Dating in the true word of it is interpreted and expressed in very different way in Nigeria (and Africa) unlike in the west. This factor forms a distant meaning to the way dating site play out here. The fact that Nigeria has a rather complex “dating culture” wrapped in a somewhat high level of secrecy plays a huge role in the reality of the low popularity of local dating sites. Tightly held by religion, Nigeria passes as a rather conservative state. However away from the popular social networks like facebook, tinder and the very dating-focused social network, Badoo, some local dating sites are helping Nigerians find love in the most locally peculiar and digital way.

Here are 3 locally designed dating sites stringing the hearts of willing users into love in Nigeria.


Friendite is a Nigerian online dating platform tailoured to meet the dating needs of Nigerians and blacks around the world. With a focus on singles, the Nigerian developed platform has over about registered 86076 members. Available on mobile, friendite has over the years gained popularity in the seemingly not-so-active online dating space. Founded by a Nigerian born and bred Emmanuel Okeke, friendite boasts to be “the Nigerian most popular dating website among singles”, this they state boldly on their website.

On Google Play Store, Friendite has about a range of 5,000 and 10,000 installs. This may not look big but it is commendable. Currently Available only on Android mobile, the 2012 created app has a warm user friendly interface, allowing users share photos, videos and text, as well a use the special “kiss” feature in interacting with potential dates.


NAIJing app, only on mobile offers users familiar interaction features eg. “likes" feature, instant messaging etc. The 2014 launched app has gathered about 100,000 to 500,000 installs. With impressive reviews on Google Play Store, the app is gathering obvious engagements around the country. With an on-mobile only existence, NAIJing is playing strong in the Nigerian Online dating Market. The app is currently available only on Android.


Naijaplanet is a Nigerian developed platform gathering an impressive community of over 44, 000 registered members. The platform offers users easy communication tools from instant messaging to chat rooms to video gallery, message boards and more. The 2008 developed app boasts of 3000 daily visits. With locally bred content, this platform offers most Nigerian singles what they truly want.

Due to the not-so-open market in the country, dating sites are mostly free or very low-cost. Though many have a negative outlook towards online dating sites in Nigeria, this has not stopped the active hundreds and thousands Nigerians finding love on these platforms.