Glocalization of Advertising


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Back in the day, advertising in Nigeria was big on imitating foreign ads. They almost always made the brand seem far from the consumer forgetting that the consumer they want to reach were in their very own vicinity. Now advertising has become more intelligent and activities are shifting away from just marketing communications towards embedding products into the day to day activities of consumers.

Alright so check this out

Did you see that? What ever happened to the Sprite triple slam thing, the refresh your thirst thing? I remember seeing a Sprite basketball ad when I was a lot younger, then when basketball wasn’t even main stream in Nigeria –it still isn’t but its recognition is growing fast. Now this ad had some suya in it, South Africans call it braai. Now I can relate to the trying to woo a girl and eating suya with a lot of pepper. I totally loved it.

This Airtel ad taps into the joy of merriment we experience every other weekend.

MTN did an amazing job with this ad as they were able to show how they play an important part in very important events in people’s lives. I almost cried.

H2Oh killed the art of glocalization with this one; from the stables of Africa to the rest of the world.