e-Commerce is Breaking Marketing Walls in Nigeria


Source: Jumia Nigeria

Source: Jumia Nigeria

There are no more walls in marketing in Nigeria as there is practically nothing that can’t be sold over the internet.

As the Eid-el-Kabir celebration gradually approaches, Muslims in Nigeria are gearing up and are earnestly preparing for the holy celebration by purchasing rams which are used to commemorate the event. None Muslims are equally as excited because of the public holiday and plenty of meat that comes with the celebration.

The traditional way of purchasing these livestock is to go to those who rear them (shepherd men) and buy them off of them. Now, ecommerce websites have taken all that trouble away by advertising these animals and doing business online.

Source: Jumia Nigeria

Source: Jumia Nigeria

I could not help my excitement the first time I saw this online and I had to make a purchase to be sure it was not a joke and mine is arriving today.

 I wonder if there is anything that isn’t sold online these days. No more walls, no more barricades, there is nothing that can’t be sold online.

Creativity With Purpose


Source: Auto Report Ng

Source: Auto Report Ng

Creativity with purpose stems from the need to address a problem. Every great advertising content that was ever put out were those which were directly aimed at addressing a need.

Driving in Nigeria can be described as formula 1 without the race tracks as it nearly seems as if the traffic rules don’t exist, thanks to the necessary authorities, all that is being addressed decisively. Well, I am of the school of thought that believes that there’s no problem on the surface of the earth that’s solely dependent on one person or body to fix, gladly, advertising shares this belief as well.

An advertising school situated in Lagos Nigeria, O2 Academy, took to problem-solving by applying design thinking to reduce the rate of accidents and mortality on a Lagos road. In April 2019, O2 Academy designed the first of its kind 3D zebra crossing – now that’s one road sign many Nigerians seem not to recognize. I remember one time I chose not to drive because I was feeling a certain way in my body. I got to a busy road in Nigeria and needed to cross over to the other side so I stood at a zebra crossing, I was there for nearly 45mins –not kidding- before someone eventually stopped to let me through.

In my opinion, this is one of the most innovative solutions I’ve seen this year.

Kudos O2 Academy.

And just so you’d know; O2 Academy is the first advertising school in the Middle East and Africa, aside from South Africa, to win the Loerie awards.” The school participated in a Facebook challenge targeting students at advertising schools across the Middle-East and Africa. The students of O2 Academy won bronze for their campaign against cholera – Thisisafrica.

Everyone Needs a Workstation


Source: Dissolve

Source: Dissolve

Every superhero needs a lair, an army needs a base, a workforce needs a workstation but the trend we are beginning to notice is that these workstations are now being shared. Take a moment to imagine Batman and Iron man sharing the same lair, or the Zimbabwean army sharing a base with the Tunisian army, it might be chaotic at the beginning but for the mere fact that they are working towards a common goal, they’ll eventually find a way co-exist. Remember we’ve seen superheroes share the same lair in Justice League and The Avengers.

This workstation sharing trend is largely being observed in Nigeria as there are a number of businesses who have opened up their spaces to be used by other organizations; mostly startups. The workstation or shared workspace idea is highly appreciated by the fast-growing middle class in the country because it is a more cost-effective way of doing business as you do not have to spend so much money acquiring a space, just share it. You’ll also have ad-hoc staff as well as basic needs like the internet, office equipment at your disposal, all you need do is pay the cost the service provider has requested.

My colleague went to visit a friend of hers who just begun his startup, his organization has only one staff – him, but when she got there, there were quite a number of people. She inquired and found that the space was being shared.

Source: Xliveafrica

Source: Xliveafrica

Initially, When this trend was about to hit the ground some time ago a couple of people kicked back, saying it wasn’t going to work solely because the environment cannot be controlled. What they meant was, there’ll be more than one C.E.O; nobody would be the boss of anybody except for those who work directly with them – no holds barred. In order to curb such problems from arising, shared workspace or workstation providers made rules and policies that one must agree to before renting a space. Those policies have helped to foster peace as well as grow the business.

Just so you know, I’m writing this article from a shared workspace also known as a workstation.

Tech Has Come For Your Wrist


Source: Lexington Broadcast Services Company / Via youtube.com

Source: Lexington Broadcast Services Company / Via youtube.com

I am of the opinion that the amazing tech innovations of tomorrow are products of the thoughts of wild thinkers of yesterday. We have seen tech take every facet of life, heck it is nearly impossible to live through a day without having some level of interaction with one gadget or the other. Now, tech has come for our wrists and like everything else, we would gladly give.

Do you remember Penny from the 80’s blockbuster cartoon Inspector Gadget? The cartoon was really big at the time as it seemed impossible for one person to be so resourceful, Penny’s watch made her so.

She could make video calls, send texts, shoot laser beams, detect radioactivity, pull down doors, and so on – only 80’s children may be able to relate. My point is, her watch could do more than tell time. This is what the big tech companies like Apple and Samsung have brought into today’s world. Being stereotyped has never really been fun, everything should be able to do more. I mean, there are cars that do more than take you from place to place; they literally give you an experience – look out world, thanks to Tesla we are beginning to see the age of driverless cars (as seen in Sylvester Stalone and Wesley Snipes’ Demolition Man) take center stage, we will begin to look forward to the age of the flying cars (as seen in Back to the Future and Star Wars).


I am an ultra-mega fan of wristwatches, therefore this type of innovation excites me. Although this is a growing trend globally, it is becoming really huge in Africa especially Nigeria and it’s speedily becoming a culture. You and I know that sometimes it’s difficult to ignore certain calls and messages because your phone is almost always in your hand, now you could just take a glance at your wrist and choose whether or not to take a call, or even seamlessly reply a text. You could record voice, calculate, go through social media, connect to other devices like your phone, car, speakers and so much more all on your wrist – tell me about technology that excites.

I bet that when you were younger you always wanted to play spy maybe James Bond, well you may be older now but here’s your chance.


So what does this mean? Why are we even paying attention to this?

First of all, we are TINK Africa, Africa’s trend spotting pop culture academy, we, therefore, spot the trends and make it easier for you to take advantage of them. Next, it provides a wealth of opportunities for brands and businesses to deploy more personalized digital strategies to effectively target their desired audience.

The smartwatch culture is gaining the wrists because people want an experience tailor-made for them and that’s something the smartwatch delivers effectively. Back in the day, we were all comfortable just having phones until they started becoming smart, now it’s no longer enough to have a wristwatch, question is, what can your wristwatch do? Is it smart?

e-gaming; The Next Big Thing Since Gaming


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

What better way to unwind than to sit on a beach with a glass of Chapman, under the warm sunlight gliding down your skin? I’ll tell you. Its when you get online, enter a game (tournament) and take on an opponent in a very distant city hoping you’d emerge as the winner, or connecting with your friends no matter where they are in the world and have the time of your life gaming away.

Gaming has brought some sense of togetherness to many young people across the globe and they each look forward to spending such moments with one another from time to time. Gladly this has also evolved into an extremely lucrative venture as people are making tonnes of money from e-gaming. Online game developers, online gaming companies, sports betting sites, and so on have become a trend that’s not likely to go away anytime soon. As fibre and internet access is becoming more and more accessible within the continent, countries like South Africa and Nigeria have started to tap into gaming communities around the world.

e-gaming has become a way of life for many South African gamers who are earning a living from the venture. Brands and businesses are noticing this trend, leading to increased investment into this platform. For example, brands like East Coast Radio and Jacaranda FM have partnered with e-gaming platform Mega8 to adequately harness the potential of this market. SuperSport even has a dedicated channel to e-gaming. This allows electronic sports to be accessible all over the country to drive interest in this growing culture - Bizcommunity. According to Nerve Africa, South Africa’s gaming revenue is set to rise to $2 billion in 2019.

e-gaming in Africa is largely driven by Africa's large youth population, easy and affordable access to the internet, increased mobile penetration, and technological advancements. Although the gaming market in Africa isn’t properly structured, the potential of this market is simply enormous and should be harnessed.