Trends This Season


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Christmas Holiday Season is upon us again, with tremendous people around the world busy preparing for their own translation of an amazing Christmas fest.

Towards Christmas, there are a countless number of melodies that plagues your mind whether you like them or not you’ll hear them. They’ll play the in the streets, on TV, on radio, in malls, practically everywhere you go. Guess this part comes with the season. But hey, what does Christmas mean to you? Christmas to a lot people means spending more time with family and friends as a lot of official activities would be winding down for the year, sharing and making people excited – seasons greetings, showing love and gratitude to one another, and also remembering the birth of our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God – which is how the season began in the first place

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

This season, there are a number of trends to spot and they are as follows:

1. Events/Parties

This season, celebrities, brands and marketing personnel would be looking to shut down event centers for events and parties as they must make a success out of that killer campaign they want to execute. Please get on with it, we all love a great party. Media communication channels are already buzzing with events; so many you can’t decide which one to go to.

2. Increased shopping

There are a number of people who love this season for this reason. You just have to shop for yourself and the family. Get something new to accompany you into the new year.

3. Traffic

Nearly every country in Africa is plagued with traffic gridlocks and this is no fun. However, this is the downside of this very joyful season, everyone every time seems to be going somewhere as the roads are perpetually blocked. Please can some of you stay home so some of us can go out and have a good time. Please!!!

4. Lots of Love

This is obviously the season of love, expect people whom you thought didn’t care about you to show you some level of affection this season. No one wants to go into the new year feeling uncared for, which means you also have a responsibility to show some love to people around you.

58 and Great


Source: Adobe

Source: Adobe

Many homes today are going to be releasing balloons in the air, malls and events places are going to be parked out as people are going to flood every exciting place within the country. There’s going to be a large number of street storms; churches, NGOs and other entities are going to seize the opportunity to engage residence. Alcohol is going to experience increase in sales because everyone wants to be merry and one part I love the most about today is that, a good number of the working population would not have to go to work today. As we celebrate the independence day which began on the 1st of October 1960. I couldn’t be happier as I am posting this article while enjoying the soft coziness of my bedroom.

However, there are lots of things to give your heart some restlessness within country if you choose to look in retrospect. The last year has been characterized by incessant power failure, bad roads, and fights against corruption, Boko Haram insurgence, political and environmental unrest, police harassment to a certain group of people, inflation, transportation woes and a whole lot more. Well, these have been the characteristics of Nigeria these past 58 years.

Source: Adobe

Source: Adobe

So where is this country going this next 58 years?

Nigerians are very optimistic people and so am I, but if the trend of nonchalance should continue, there are a number of things we can rest assured that Nigeria will experience, such as;

  1. Increased brain drain: just in case you haven’t noticed, everyone whether intellectual or not are finding their way to other countries to offer their expertise in exchange for better livelihood. Soon we will lose all our medical personnel to Europe and Arab nations. Money must be made.

  2. Worsened health care: we have a terrible health care system in the country and we would need special intervention to revamp the system.

  3. Autocracy: we are seemingly losing every sense of democracy in the country with the increased level of intimidation a lot of people and political parties are beginning to experience.

  4. Erratic inflation: this is one trend we see every now and then in the economy; it’s nothing new. We are set to see further increase in price of commodities especially fuel which happens to be the life wire of the economy.

Source: Adobe

Source: Adobe

There’s more that I have left out of this article but if you take a few minutes to TINK about it you’ll see.

I pointed out earlier, the optimism of the average Nigerian. We are certain than things will begin to look up very soon as we believe that there is a new breed of people who have yet to assume authority and will change everything. Although patience is seemingly thinning out but Nigerians are patiently waiting and are strongly looking forward to the 2019 elections.

We definitely are looking forward to hearing what the president has got to say today to inspire hope and eradicate fear of anything what so ever.

So at this point, we say “Happy Birthday Nigeria, Africa believes in you”.

Glocalization of Advertising


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Back in the day, advertising in Nigeria was big on imitating foreign ads. They almost always made the brand seem far from the consumer forgetting that the consumer they want to reach were in their very own vicinity. Now advertising has become more intelligent and activities are shifting away from just marketing communications towards embedding products into the day to day activities of consumers.

Alright so check this out

Did you see that? What ever happened to the Sprite triple slam thing, the refresh your thirst thing? I remember seeing a Sprite basketball ad when I was a lot younger, then when basketball wasn’t even main stream in Nigeria –it still isn’t but its recognition is growing fast. Now this ad had some suya in it, South Africans call it braai. Now I can relate to the trying to woo a girl and eating suya with a lot of pepper. I totally loved it.

This Airtel ad taps into the joy of merriment we experience every other weekend.

MTN did an amazing job with this ad as they were able to show how they play an important part in very important events in people’s lives. I almost cried.

H2Oh killed the art of glocalization with this one; from the stables of Africa to the rest of the world.