Talent management is Beyond HR



Truth is, no one wants to be treated poorly and everyone wants some form of guarantee and security. When you begin to treat people without any level of respect or utter disrespect they tend to leave you. Employers need to understand that the motivating factor for one to come work with you isn’t always money but whatever the case may be, they are giving of themselves (knowledge and expertise) to deliver value to your organization. This therefore means that both employee and employer are working with hands intertwined to achieve each others dreams (goals). This is where talent management becomes extremely important.

Talent Managers formerly known as Human Resource (HR) has evolved from being the police of the office (tracking and punishing people defaults) to actual people management (showing concern for staff). Many organizations have a problem with turnover rate and they are currently plagued with the curse of trying to drastically reduce it.

Also, the issue of skills gaps recognised in some organisation has become even more vital as the shelf life of certain skills decreases. Identifying, monitoring, assessing and most importantly, closing skills gaps have become talent developers chief concern.


The need to keep learning has also become imperative for talent managers to address. In a world where none of us have any time, it turns out what we really want is a self-directed learning experience. Online learning means that employees have to take responsibility for their own learning journey, they choose what they want to learn and when to learn it. According to the report, over 40% of Gen Z and Millennial learners and 33% of Gen X and Boomer learners long for opportunities to create their own goals and choose their own learning content that will help them achieve those goals - Bizcommunity. 

In a nutshell, the Talent Manager’s new age responsibility is to not only boost employee retention but also to increase value derived from employees by recognising skill gaps and recommending appropriate measures such as trainings to fill it.



Source: Bleeding Cool

Source: Bleeding Cool

You know you didn’t live on this planet if super heroes like Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Iron man, Black Panther, Ant man, The Wasp, Captain America and so many others didn’t enter your vocabulary at some point. I remember always running home from school because I wanted to catch the next episode of Spiderman on TV. All of these super heroes came from the mind of the ultimate –Stanlee.

Source: Gaming Central

Source: Gaming Central

He used cartoons to frame our minds and insert values we live by even now as grownups. He gave us super heroes to look up to while making us understand that we are super heroes of ourselves. He lived his life to the fullest and saved the lives of many young people in this world across continent; people he never even met for example, me.

Source: The Newyork Times

Source: The Newyork Times

The man altered pop-culture and started new trends with every single work he made with the Marvel Universe and we shall forever miss him.

Thank you so much Stanlee, your legend lives on.

We Global Now –Citizen of the World


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Whether we know it or not, a time is coming when we may no longer be referred to as Ghanaian, Nigerian, Egyptian, South African, heck we may no longer be referred to as African. We will then be none as Earthlings or something of that sort. If you read that and chuckled, it means you are human because greatness amuses us in disbelief until it happens. I am not alien myself and as a result, I chuckled the first time this came up but after spotting the trends, its only logical to note that this is set to happen soon.



Let me highlight a few trends:

1. Growing interconnectedness: who would have thought that today you would seamlessly be in contact with friends and loved ones across the globe? Who would have thought you can be best friends with someone who isn’t from your country? In fact, there was a time that people of different race thought of each other as aliens because the knowledge of someone with a different skin colour was strange.

2. We speak one language: one prerequisite for a community is a generally accepted language. In becoming a global community the world has adopted its own generally accepted language which is Technology. It breaks down the language barrier and allows you to connect easily.

3. Developing Local concepts with global mindset: because we see ourselves as part of something beyond our locality, we ceaselessly develop concepts locally to deliver global impacts e.g the fight against global warming, the war against terrorism, aids, malaria, polio, poverty etc.

4. Implementation of Global policies: a Kenyan will not be affected laws made in Botswana because their laws have boundaries. As global citizens, global laws are boundless and are expected to be upheld through-out the globe.

5. Global Events and awards Recognition: now artists are becoming the more creative as they know that their works, whether art, music, movies and so on, are being monitored globally due to the inclusion of global awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize, Grammy Award, Oscar Awards and so much more.

6. Mergers: global powerhouses/business have begun to merge in order to consolidate efforts to deliver global impacts e.g Shazam and Apple

The world is developing a global culture and everyone everywhere is awakening to the fact that they are part of something bigger than themselves or their locality; they are part of the world. This is why when there is a disaster somewhere in the world everyone rises to offer some level of aid and support because we are all connected.

One day you will no longer have passport with your country’s seal, you will have passport that grants you access to the world.

Are you a Global Citizen? Just TINK about it for a minute

58 and Great


Source: Adobe

Source: Adobe

Many homes today are going to be releasing balloons in the air, malls and events places are going to be parked out as people are going to flood every exciting place within the country. There’s going to be a large number of street storms; churches, NGOs and other entities are going to seize the opportunity to engage residence. Alcohol is going to experience increase in sales because everyone wants to be merry and one part I love the most about today is that, a good number of the working population would not have to go to work today. As we celebrate the independence day which began on the 1st of October 1960. I couldn’t be happier as I am posting this article while enjoying the soft coziness of my bedroom.

However, there are lots of things to give your heart some restlessness within country if you choose to look in retrospect. The last year has been characterized by incessant power failure, bad roads, and fights against corruption, Boko Haram insurgence, political and environmental unrest, police harassment to a certain group of people, inflation, transportation woes and a whole lot more. Well, these have been the characteristics of Nigeria these past 58 years.

Source: Adobe

Source: Adobe

So where is this country going this next 58 years?

Nigerians are very optimistic people and so am I, but if the trend of nonchalance should continue, there are a number of things we can rest assured that Nigeria will experience, such as;

  1. Increased brain drain: just in case you haven’t noticed, everyone whether intellectual or not are finding their way to other countries to offer their expertise in exchange for better livelihood. Soon we will lose all our medical personnel to Europe and Arab nations. Money must be made.

  2. Worsened health care: we have a terrible health care system in the country and we would need special intervention to revamp the system.

  3. Autocracy: we are seemingly losing every sense of democracy in the country with the increased level of intimidation a lot of people and political parties are beginning to experience.

  4. Erratic inflation: this is one trend we see every now and then in the economy; it’s nothing new. We are set to see further increase in price of commodities especially fuel which happens to be the life wire of the economy.

Source: Adobe

Source: Adobe

There’s more that I have left out of this article but if you take a few minutes to TINK about it you’ll see.

I pointed out earlier, the optimism of the average Nigerian. We are certain than things will begin to look up very soon as we believe that there is a new breed of people who have yet to assume authority and will change everything. Although patience is seemingly thinning out but Nigerians are patiently waiting and are strongly looking forward to the 2019 elections.

We definitely are looking forward to hearing what the president has got to say today to inspire hope and eradicate fear of anything what so ever.

So at this point, we say “Happy Birthday Nigeria, Africa believes in you”.

The Future of TV in Nigeria


Source: Grewallevymarketing

Source: Grewallevymarketing

Television is an integral part of every Nigerians home, so whatever happens to Tv happens to all of us. Even though digital has come to give Tv a fight for space in our hearts as people are more glued to their mobile devices these days, tv will not back down without a good fight. Back in the day, Tv was every child’s best friend, if you were grounded, the only thing you are likely to miss was the tv set. There were loads and loads of entertaining programing on Tv and the best part was, you didn’t have to pay for any of them.

In 2006, the Nigerian government came up with a policy urging television stations to go digital. This meant that every household had to get a decoder in order to access these stations. Normally we would have an aerial dangling outside to help us receive our favourite stations, but now, we were going to start paying. Although we were going to get some stations as free-to-air but others were going to be paid for. 

At the time, this move didn’t seem feasible as television stations would lose market share if they had gone on Paytv and their consumers didn’t follow, as it was perceived to be rather expensive for the average Nigerian and it was a luxury only the rich could afford; so they stayed terrestrial. I for one couldn’t complain, I had everything I wanted on Tv plus my mobile device to connect me to the rest of the world. But very subtly, consumers started moving away from terrestrial TV to Paytv as some international stations started to woo them with excellent programming.

Fast forward to 2018, nearly every household has a decoder and are paying for television stations. The Paytv trend has so caught on that several states such as Imo, Enugu, Rivers, Oyo, Kaduna and so on don’t watch terrestrial station, only digital –Paytv. Many households in Lagos, the country’s commercial capital, do not remember the last time they tuned to a terrestrial Tv station.

More so, market leaders such DSTV, GoTv, Kwese Tv, Star times, CTL, Metro digital and so on have made it easier for Nigerians to go digital, as the competition amongst these service providers have forced a drastic drop in pricing –making it available for the everyday Nigerian.

Right now, nearly every Nigerian television station is going digital and any who is left terrestrial may just be putting itself out of business. At the moment, I no longer have an aerial dangling outside my house but a huge satellite dish for a receiver. 

Welcome to the age of digital television; you can watch anywhere in the continent.