Should Men Be Feminists?



In a nutshell, feminism is a movement of an ideology that hinges on the equality of the sexes. They say, “no preferences, no special treatments, no nothing, treat women and men equally”. Although, there’s still a number of people who believe that the movement is an effort in futility as male dominance is an age long tradition. This however has not deterred women all over the world from pushing for what they believe. The success of movements such as the #MeToo movement is proof positive that this feat is attainable. Brands and government parastatals have endorsed this feminist ideology and put laws and policies in place to foster the acceptance.

In advertising and marketing communications, there is now something known as “the female centered design” as it is now believed that for marketing campaigns to be effective there is need to segment the target audience appropriately.


The question here now is, should men be feminists?

People have argued that men are not needed to join the movement, however, their participation would be appreciated, as the movement isn’t against men but against a system that have over the years broken down the self-esteem of many woman, whilst others say that it is of necessity and great importance that men join in on the movement to show their support of things that are right and not to just sit back and watch how things pan out.

Well, I believe that being a feminist in itself isn’t a gender related adjective however it is a gender related war. If this line made you smile, then we think alike. What I’m trying to say in essence is that, both men and women who follow through on the ideology may refer to themselves as feminists.

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Female Power


Is it just me or are women beginning to delve into every facet of the economy. So I took a trip to a couple of countries in Africa this season just to spot a few trends and live amongst my brothers and sisters across the continent before heading on back to Nigeria. On getting back, I was stunned. The trend I am about to reveal has been subtle as women were practically creeping in but right now I think they are taking the bull by the horn and taking over.

There’s been a large influx of women into the transportation sector in Nigeria. Now the major modes of transportation across Nigeria are buses and tricycles. Ladies have taken up the task of driving and conducting these automobiles. Before now, it was seemingly a masculine thing but now the hardworking African woman has shown that there’s nothing too difficult for her to handle.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

The reasons for this influx are due to the need to generate income as many of these women are the bread winners of their homes, also the share zeal to show that they too are strong enough and other reasons that are unknown to me.

What’s this all about?

Well, it goes to show that Nigeria is a firm believer in the women inclusive policy, that all the feminist movement around the world is gaining recognition everywhere, and also shows that there’s no telling what the African woman can achieve if she puts her mind to it.

Dear Feminist, What Should Men Do With Chivalry?


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

There was a time I struggled with the concept of feminism and as a result, I concluded it was a war against masculinity. Almost very quickly, the line men had come to believe “it’s a man’s world” steadily began to fade. We’ve seen women rise up to take up certain responsibilities or activities that have afore time been reserved for men –thought to be a manly obligation. Women are now bread winners in many homes, they want to get into politics, they want to come into the bar to drink beer and talk sports. This I greatly commend because I have a thing for ladies who know a thing or two about sports but what do men do with chivalry?

Men these days have had to tone down chivalry because ladies see it as an attack on their personality. When a guy tries to open a door for woman he gets hit with the “don’t hold the door for me, I can open my own doors” because they believe that such chivalry suggests that they are the weaker sex. Women have become very attentive to words that are seemingly derogatory. In 2014 there was a whole campaign on this #LikeAGirl; ladies came out to say that the words “act like a girl” are derogatory as it implies some form of weakness.

The trend now is; men are joining the support for feminism but from the stand point of the fact that ladies should be allowed to compete evenly in every facet of the society and in homes as well. This doesn’t replace the roles the institution of marriage imposes on both parties; however it suggests adequate levels of participation from both parties.

Although the voices of feminists in 2018 haven’t been as loud as previous years, I TINK that like a patient lion, they lie in wait for the right time to pounce on some guy, policy, or movement that will imply anything feminism is blatantly against.

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Feminism is prominent in Africa than it is in many other parts of the world as the African culture is historic for usurping authority over women. As such, in the nearest future, the obligation for both sexes will be separated by a blur line. We’ve begun to see women take up high responsibilities and excel, we’ve seen ladies in heavy lifting and body building, we’ve seen them in sports and politics and they do so well.

Even though women are making so much progress riding on the backs of feminism should men no longer be chivalrous? What should they do with “gentle manly” gestures?

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