Rewriting the African Narrative


Each time we turn on our television, radio, or mobile devices, we find creatives or communications materials depicting Africa as impoverished, cut out of the rest of the world, and lagging. I admit that there areas where Africa may be found wanting but there are remarkable things happening within the shores of the continent that the world is entirely oblivious to. The energy, enthusiasm, talent, and belief that holds this continent together is something that ought to be put on display.

After traveling the world and seeing people and opportunities, the light of the future always seems to beam on the African continent with obvious intensity. As a result, Emirates have launched a new campaign to rewrite the African narrative and battle the stereotype that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the world. Emirates have partnered with the British Broadcasting Council (BBC) to put out a number of videos showcasing forward thinking Africans who have successfully carved a niche for themselves and are impacting the world with the investment of their personality.

“It is impossible to ignore the energy and talent coming out of Africa today, whether in music, fashion, sports, or art. We’re seeing a greater awareness of a strong, proud African identity – while being very connected to a broad, global culture. We wanted to join the conversation and celebrate amazing, inspiring stories of people constantly pushing boundaries and challenging African stereotypes. To us, that is what travel is about, to find a common ground that helps us connect, to question, to be curious, and I believe this campaign does just that in taking Emirates closer to the heart of our audience in a way that is authentic,” said Boutros Boutros, Emirates divisional senior vice president: corporate communications, marketing and brand.

Richard Pattinson, head of BBC StoryWorks said, “This new series taps into the deep creative strength of the BBC to deliver a campaign that will capture the attention of our extensive and premium audiences in a way that no other publisher can.”

“Africa is rich” is beyond words and natural resources, it’s rich with human resources and zest. This points to the publication we released at the earlier stages of this year where we said this is the year for Africa. After reading this article I am certain you are proud of the African heritage.