Super Power or Survival Strategy



These days every African is seemingly unapologetically conscious of his or her resources especially finances and they guard it jealously. Which is why whenever they want to make a purchase, the commodity with more value for money wins the choice battle. As a result of this growing consciousness among individuals, there is, therefore, steep competition in virtually every facet of business. For the sake of this article, we will be looking into the creative industry and the new survival strategy among the ones they call “Creatives a.k.a Designers”.

Currently, the creative industry has seen more and more of its designers dabble with photography as they are compelled to go the extra mile to deliver more value on the job as such, they’ve taken on photography – talk about secret superpowers. Do you want to survive in this creative jungle? You need to bring something other than great knowledge of all the design suites, you need a great eye for colours and images, hence photography. The knowledge of light composition and style adds a different kind of spice to your work.


In terms of delivering value;

The gaping hole between designing and having the right images

Ever tried to search for African photos online? Daunting. I thought this was a joke as the internet is supposedly an archive of photos but try searching for photos of Africans doing something specific, you’ll almost not find. As more designers venture into photography with their knowledge of the specific needs of the creative industry, I am hopeful that soon we’ll close this gap.

Images are expensive

Trying to put together a photo session or even buy an image off of some stock site can be relatively expensive. In a view to deliver value and earn more, designers may take the pictures themselves and this way they’ll seamlessly get the right kind of image they desire.

The spicy ingredient

Designers with a relatively good knowledge of photography tend to put out better work as well as photographers with a relatively good knowledge of designing. The two go hand-in-hand (a couple).




Source: Automotive99

Source: Automotive99

Lagos day-to-day hustle, crowed over-head bridges, cars and buses speeding without even looking at both sides for citizens crossing; when will this madness end? That’s the unanswered question, I frequently ask myself. The major question my inquisitive colleagues at work ask me is; when am I acquiring my own ride? Well, that’s a critical discussion for another ridiculous day. Let me not bore you with my automobile-less status. I am actually a big fan of the BUGATTI brand; most especially the recent model, BUGATTI CHIRON; exclusive sound free radiator, electronic control, maximum speed and sexy interiors to die for. It’s the fastest yet most powerful, sophisticated, technologically designed super sport car ever created. It was designed to the meet possible demands in terms of comfort, unique style, luxury and everyday durability and easy convenience. Based on research, it was uniquely created to endure value and a breathtaking automotive accomplishment.

Source: Techspot

Source: Techspot

Few months ago, the famous LEGO Building Bricks and Bugatti Sport Cars collaborated to build the perfect ultimate super-car model to look exactly like the magical Bugatti Chiron using the LEGO Technic elements called LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron. It was made to drive using only LEGO powered function motors. This mind-blowing ride was unveiled about a month ago. The LEGO Bugatti Chiron’s engine generated 5.3 horse power.

The collaboration led to putting together passionate, well dedicated team of 16 specialists; including creative designers, mechanical and electrical professional experts, and used over 13, 000 constructed man-hours creating this innovative car, piece by piece. It was made with over a million Lego Technic elements, making it the first large scale movable developed model. This constructed car featured movable 16 cylinders with 8 functioning gears. This project was tagged “BUILD FOR REAL”.

Source: Lego

Source: Lego

Trust me, it’s incredibly astonishing. It has never happened in the History of Mankind, but with fast innovative technological intelligence, anything is possible. I was TINKING, why the sudden creation of this car? How were the creative designers and engineers able to overcome challenges recreating the Bugatti Chiron using lego technic? Will there be a continued plan to build more of this innovative car? Or is it just for antic purpose? Just TINKING of more questions I guess will never be answered.

Source: Lego

Source: Lego

The Resemblance of both CARS is STRIKING

Here are some comments from YouTube fans:

@PresidentOfEvilArts- They should make a spaceship for Trump and transport him to Mars.

@Jacky- This is the coolest LEGO Car.

@MarkCook- I am absolutely stunned. That’s incredible.

This is an intelligent way to inspire imagination and creativity for the FUTURE.

If they can TINK it, so can we. TINKERS never run out of Innovative ideas. TINK of how to reduce traffic in Lagos-Nigeria. Put on your TINKING caps.

Let’s Go NUUD...



What are we wearing all these clothing for if not to look good, so let’s go NUUD this week with ADEBAYO ORISIRISI; the spontaneous unpredictable young designer who wants to take the world one thread at a time.

The FUT-Minna graduate is one who loves to keep fit by spending some time in the gym and playing soccer every weekend, loves good food and can’t be separated from his measuring tape.

He defines the NUUD brand as tailor made; every style is not just supposed to fit the person wearing it, but it’s supposed to accentuate his/her personality. For NUUD it’s not just about making clothes, it’s about designing YOU, which is why they take their time to make designs that’ll turn necks- he said.


NUUD is a testament of hard work and sheer will as there’s a number of challenges especially in the Nigerian fashion market that wants to drown such ventures but the good thing is, tenacity resides’ in the blood.


NUUD is designed to make you feel like the man irrespective of social status- YOU ARE THE MAN ONLY WHEN YOU GO NUUD.

This young versatile designer is inspired by colour, shape, style, and is driven by the will to make you look good and have your outfits leave a long lasting impression in the minds of anyone and everyone who sees you -The NUUD Effect.


Before we spoke to the designer, we were under the impression that the fashion market in Nigeria is super saturated due to the sudden rise of designers on social media and otherwise.

He said that the market isn’t half as saturated as it ought to be as there are over 180 million Nigerians living in Nigeria and there are only a handful of designers who are responsible for the meeting the ever growing demand; everyone needs to look good, so let’s do this.

The mission of NUUD is to cater for every demographics’ clothing need. No matter where you sit, if you go NUUD you’ll step out with the sense of pride that only NUUD can give.

Say It The Nigerian Way


With original witty expressions in Nigerian languages, Nigerian English and Pidgin English, NotJustPulp Card is bringing back the greeting card culture and is doing it the Nigerian way. Giving their customers the option of customizing their messages, the brand is buying into the heart of many Nigerians with amazing designs. With the advent of Technology and digital communication the greeting cards culture may have declined globally and in Nigeria, NotJustPulp is reloading the culture with novelty, more personal and closer-to-home designs. The innovative fusion of culture and design is giving the brand an edge in stealing back the market. Many Nigerian expressions are making their way into everyday pop culture and mainstream vocabulary, from music to arts, Nigerians are celebrating their cultural heritage through modern innovative ways.

Nigeria, a country with over 521 languages has English language as her official language. Though united by a common official language, Nigerians have further devised more ways to communicate with the official language, from “Nigerian English” to Nigerian Pidgin English, these variations of the official language plays a major role in official and unofficial expressions and communications, keeping the people even more bonded.

New words and collocations have emerged from the Nigerian Pidgin English, which come from the need to express concepts specific and peculiar to the culture of the Nigerian People. The Nigerian English is like an inside joke, to those who understand it’s okay, to those who don’t, sorry.  

See more amazing designs for NJP HERE

Happy Nigerian Feet


Enthik Shoe sample via

Enthik Shoe sample via

Tunde Owolabi’s Enthik is an interesting youthful casual footwear brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. The shoe brand is preserving a rich Yoruba culture which might be facing the danger of extinction. The Yoruba people are a tribe found mostly in Nigeria and Benin Republic of West Africa. The Yoruba people make up about 12% of the population in Benin and 21% in Nigeria. Tunde who is the founder of the shoe brand delved into shoe making in 2015, originally a photographer, Tunde noticed the slow but steady disappearance of the rich Yoruba Aso Oke fabric in the contemporary Nigerian culture. The one time cultural identity for most Yorubas was varnishing into rare occasional appearances only at ceremonies and events. With a decision the save this culture, Tunde set up the Shoe brand, Ethnik.

Aso Oke on pop up market display via

Aso Oke on pop up market display via

The Aso Oke material which is produced using an ancient Yoruba hand weaving technique stands as the major material for the shoe brand. Not only does this preserve culture, Enthik is ensuring that older artisans are kept busy in production even as they pass on the intriguing craft to newer generation of artists and artisans.

Nigerian Model, Uju Marshall sampling Tunde's Enthik 

Nigerian Model, Uju Marshall sampling Tunde's Enthik 

The wool used in the Aso Oke production are sourced locally. Dyes used in designing and printing its vibrant prints are also sourced locally from specific tree bark. Beyond shoes and boots, the Enthik brand has expanded into accessories like bags and purses using the Vibrant Aso Oke fabric. With an average to low startup capital the brand has grown from a cobbler staff strength of one to over nine cobblers, making a revenue of about a million Naira in 2015. This year, Tunde hopes to cross beyond the fast rising Nigerian fashion industry into international runways.

In a similar way, Jide Ipaye is blending culture into his casual footwear brand, Keexs. Going through Jide’s collection, bold African fingerprints and colours are evident all over. With one piece in the collection celebrating the late legendary and iconic Nigerian activist and Afrobeat music originator, Fela Kuti, Jide won the hearts of local fans.

Keexs shoes via

Keexs shoes via

Jide hopes to save as many Nigerians as possible out of poverty through his shoe brand, as he donates some percentage of profit made to programs tackling poverty in the country. Nigeria which has been feeling the pains of a recent economic recession and the resulting high rate of retrenchment and unemployment has her salvation in the hands of Entrepreneurs like Jide who are  offering young Nigerians employment through his Keex shoe brand.

Keexs Shoes on Display via

Keexs Shoes on Display via

Though Nigeria’s manufacturing sector is in a poor state with setbacks in availability of steady power and unstable exchange rates, leading to a difficulty in raw materials sourcing, Jide against the odds does as much as designing and producing minimally in Lagos, Nigeria. The scientist turned shoe maker in pursuance of his dreams, studied innovative shoe production at STEM, Netherlands, where the shoes are majorly manufactured then assembled in Nigeria. With a dream of helping many young Nigerians out of poverty the shoe brand is looking to attract more investors thereby expanding the business through crowd funding. This is all in line with the ultimate dream of building a mega shoe manufacturing industry in Nigeria.



With the early loss of his parents, Jide must have understood what life on the street was like, as he moved around living with various extended family members and guardians. This perhaps fuels his social welfare sentiments and passion.

The both brands with online and real retail stores in Nigeria are gaining local and international grounds, though dealing with the logistics of international shipping, they both are determined to cause the required change in their country and make happier Nigerian feet. Interestingly, there can be no better time to do this, as Nigerians and Africans are beginning to bask more in their rich culture.